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10 bridesmaid party tips for the perfect hen party

A hen party is not only fun, but offers an unforgettable experience for the bride-to-be. We’d like to share with you some great tips for the perfect hen party. The bridesmaid party can understandably be designed according to different mottos.

The tradition of a bachelorette party has existed for hundreds of years. The ancient Greeks and Spartans were allowed to party the night before the wedding and let it rip. What is now called “Stag Night” or “Hen Night” in the USA and England is celebrated in Germany under the name “Polterabend”. In comparison, the tradition of a hen party is still on the rise. But shouldn’t a spectacular evening be designed for the bride? So maid of honor, roll up your sleeves, we’ll start with the party theme right away.

1. City trip

Hen party time to travel

Visit party locations and restaurants in another city

Of course, the hen party doesn’t have to be limited to just one evening. How about a long weekend in Paris, London or Vienna? Two days for shopping, dining out and sightseeing would distract the bride from all the stress of preparation and recharge her batteries. Do not forget that the hotel and flight costs for guests or friends have to be covered.

2. Breakfast

Pancake breakfast outdoors hen party

Enjoy a quiet breakfast or brunch in the garden

To properly say goodbye to the bachelorette life, a nice little breakfast outside could be organized. If you bring your friends together in your own garden, you can celebrate easily. You could also invite your mother to join them.

3. Luminous and neon colors

Neon colors party theme garlands hen party

Neon colors on a subtle background as a bold party idea

Does the bride have a soft spot for the 90s or does she just love bright colors? In this case, set the bridesmaids party under this motto. The tassel garlands could become a common DIY project, as well as coloring cups and containers with spray paint in neon colors. A match with the bride’s preferences shows that you really thought about it.

4. Ice cream buffet

Party theme ice cream buffet hen party

Serve different types of ice cream and other delicacies and create a great atmosphere

Still a child at heart? Make the maiden party as interesting as possible! When it gets really hot, serve a variety of ice creams and match the table decorations accordingly. Who wouldn’t be happy about that?

5. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland idea table decoration hen party

Alice in Wonderland motto with white porcelain dishes and beautiful cut flowers

Do you remember the crazy tea party and the hatter in the popular children’s book “Alice in Wonderland”? You can design the table for your hen party just as enchanting, ornate and playful. This party idea would appeal to young and old alike.

6. Circus party

Circus theme party idea hen night

Celebrate the maiden party with trendy colors and figures

A circus party with lots of pink and other fashionable neon colors would be a great, varied idea. The small gold-plated animal figures set great accents. This could just be the beginning: how about matching costumes?

7. Organize small vacations

Vacation villa rural hen party

A little journey through nature to relax before the big day

Organizing a bridesmaids party the night before the wedding could be a risky decision. After all, you want to look rested and relaxed on your wedding day. So choose a secluded retreat for a few days. The closeness to nature and the silence of a forest will relax you before the big day, as will a dinner with your best friends in a cozy atmosphere.

8. Paint cups

Porcelain cups paint hen party

Paint porcelain cups and add personal messages

This party idea is creative and with lasting results. Funny, homemade coffee mugs with personal messages would make great gifts. Use marker pens and then burn the porcelain cups in the oven at 250 degrees.

9. Elegant dinner

Elegant dinner wedding hen party

Elegant table decorations in pink and gold for the bride-to-be

To really celebrate growing up, you can organize a dinner with delicious dishes, elegant table decorations and trendy evening dresses. This would be a perfect test run for the actual wedding and would make for great photo moments.

10. 90s nostalgia

1990s nostalgic hen party

Back in time with a suitable party design, especially for the bride!

How can it be that almost three decades have passed since the iconic 90s? Bring that time back with your choice of music and outfits. This party will definitely turn into a celebratory highlight for all guests.

These were our 10 ideas! Don’t forget that there are no limits to your motto fantasies when organizing a hen party!

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