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10 creative ways to become a focal point in the kitchen

When designing a kitchen at home, it is sometimes very tempting to use several bright materials, brightly colored fittings and different colored pieces of furniture that are a real feast for the eyes. Several strong accents in a room create a confusing mix rather than an interesting interior. Any gaudy element will fight for the upper hand in the room and this doesn’t look cozy at all. Plus, you’ll be spending so much money on separate attractive pieces that you most likely won’t be able to finalize your project any further.

The better option for you is to choose one under two accents and invest a decent part of your budget in it. The other elements of the interior will complement your choice and will definitely not cost you that much. Today you will find 10 creative ways how you can use a focal point in the kitchen successfully.

Excellent tile level

Kitchen interior design tile mirror blue yellow bar stool island

Tile mirror as a color accent

The advantageous function of the tiled area is to protect the kitchen wall from being splashed by drinks, liquids, etc. This essential element in the kitchen can serve as a strong accent in the interior. Design your kitchen wall with colorful tiles and place smaller pieces in the same colors in the room as in the picture.

The kitchen worktop as an accent

Kitchen interior design kitchen island bar stool kitchen top shabby wood white

Kitchen worktop in a shabby look

In the past, the unwritten rule was that the worktop in the kitchen could only be made of one material. But those times are long gone. Design part of your work surface or kitchen island, for example, with the latest trendy panels made of real wood with shabby edges. In this way you are sure to create a modern and peculiar accent in the room.

Funny looking furniture

Kitchen interior design white red bar stool pendant light wooden floor

Easily relocatable furniture and accessories are mobile colored accents that can always be exchanged quickly

Do you like red? Then you need some red elements in your kitchen, in case the main colors are neutral, like in the picture – white, black and wood decor. The main accents here are the red bar stools and the red splash guards. Complementary elements in the interior are the small figures and flowers in red. It is very advantageous if the pieces can always be exchanged in order to create a new look.

Colored devices

Kitchen interior design wooden furniture refrigerator green hanging lamp

The refrigerator can also be green

Tired of seeing stainless steel everywhere in kitchens? Great! The kitchen appliances in dynamic colors are your best option to set a cheerful and functional accent in the room. Use this to get a vase or set of glasses in the same color. Do not forget the rule of using bright colors – the environment should be designed in neutral tones.

Colorful kitchen cabinets

Kitchen interior design green kitchen cabinet hanging lamp copper dishes

Paint your old kitchen cabinets in a striking color yourself and you have the perfect eye-catcher!

Here we introduce you to a predominantly white kitchen. The green cupboards create a nice and soft accent in the room. Opt for new, colorful furniture or replace your old kitchen cabinets in your favorite color yourself. Painting is not difficult and is fun for the whole family.

Relief wall

Kitchen interior design relief wall 3D design white houseplant

3-D wall in the interior – modern and minimalist

The bright colors are not the only way to set an accent in the kitchen. Relief on the wall is an excellent designer technique, but it is often very underrated. If the monochrome interior is your favorite thing, then set a relief decoration in the color of your ambience. A 3-D wall will give your kitchen a modern and minimalist charm.

Magnificent view

Kitchen interior design wonderful view wood look sink stylish modern black

A wonderful natural view can be ideally combined with wood decor

There are some accents in the interior that you don’t need to assemble at all. For example a wonderful, wonderful view. If you are lucky enough to have a great view of nature from your kitchen window, you are lucky! In this case, dismantle all upper cabinets and install panoramic windows. To compensate for the lost storage space, buy kitchen cabinets on the free wall. This excellent accent in the interior is unique and timeless.

An appealing equipment

Kitchen interior design pendant lamp hanging lamp wood cabinet white

Designer pendant lights look classy and modern

GGood lighting is a must in every kitchen. But don’t just get hold of some ceiling lights and light strips. Opt for chic pendant lights with a bronze, plastic or wood look. This will be an excellent eye-catcher in your kitchen.

Amazing artwork

Kitchen interior design work of art colorful current

Colorful art goes perfectly with a white ambience

There are some interior accents in the design of this kitchen, but the artwork is sure to catch the eye immediately. Namely, if you have artistic nature in yourself, choose some paintings for your focus. Just be careful and hang the artwork far away from the sink and cooking zone – tomato drops in the picture are no fun at all!

Family bulletin board

Kitchen interior design pin board white stainless steel

Interior in white and stainless steel as an accent

Romantic and cute things shouldn’t necessarily be kept in boxes in the basement. Create a family bulletin board in the kitchen based on your imagination. Clip on your children’s drawings, romantic notes, some family pictures or postcards.

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