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10 fresh ideas to bring the spring mood into your home

Spring decoration ideas interior design living room self-decorating carpet hanging lamp

An authentic colorful carpet goes well with the white ambience

The sun is shining brighter, the birds are singing louder and you can finally feel the scent of spring. In harmony with this happy season, we want to renew our feelings, emotions, clothing and at the same time redesign the interior of the home.

Spring decoration ideas interior design self-decorating throw pillow curtain flower pattern

Green is everywhere

Simply use spring-style decorative textiles. Reach for pillows, floor cushions and blankets with floral prints, they will decorate even the most austere looking interior. The larger the flower pattern, the more stylish the room atmosphere.

Spring decoration ideas interior design self-decorating wallpaper floral upholstery wing chair

Large or small flower designs – depending on your taste

Flowers and floral patterns – this is the most important and most effective design technique that gives the ambience a joyful spring look. In connection with the chosen combination, you create a completely different character – from tenderness to a harmonious, colorful and lively dynamic.

Spring decoration ideas, interior design, self-decorating, wallpaper, floral print, upholstered armchair, ornamental plant

Monochrome is more stylish, colorful is more cheerful

The most commonly used print for wallpapers around the world are the plant motifs. There is a wide variety of variants – lush or stylized flowers, large or small patterns, monochrome or colorful decorations. Dress up all the walls with floral wallpaper or just add a floral accent to one wall.

Spring decorating ideas interior design self-decorating wooden floor upholstered chair curtain dining room

Curtains with floral motifs

You don’t want to do any home renovations but want to add a spring look to the ambience? Then just take curtains with colorful floral motifs. Suitable textiles are cotton, linen, silk, organza or taffeta. This simple but effective change will bring more cosiness and warmth to any interior.

Spring decorating ideas Interior design decorating yourself Repadding upholstered dining Purple throw pillows DIY

New upholstery for the old armchairs? Yes, you can easily change the look completely

The upholstered furniture with floral patterns brings a special spring flair and a happy mood. Designers are constantly developing attractive textiles with floral prints and the furniture companies offer unique pieces of furniture. There is a wide range of color combinations, styles and prints on the market – give yourself enough time to create the look you want. When you decide on a particular model, use your imagination and choose the right upholstery fabric. As with the wallpaper, you can either upholster all chairs, armchairs and sofa cushions with flowers, or give just one piece of furniture a unique look.

Spring decoration ideas interior design self-decorating living room red lime champagne

Great mix of light colors: brick red, champagne and lime

A very appealing type of decoration is the color scheme for upholstery. The ideal combination is between a single-colored fabric and a fabric with a floral print, where the floral ornaments or the background are the same color as the one-colored fabric. Keep the dominant design line in the room so that it does not weaken the harmony of tones.

Spring decoration ideas, interior design, self-decorating, bedroom, bed linen, subtle motifs, white, blue, rattan furniture, rattan bed

Subtle floral patterns in the bedroom

Add a bright and spring-warm accent to the bedroom with the purchase of floral bed linen. For a few minutes you can completely change the look of the room.

Spring decoration ideas interior design self-decorating vase decoration bottle fruit colorful wallpaper

Fresh fruit compliments the spring atmosphere in the kitchen

Apart from the general style and design concept, the elements of the fittings and accessories play a very important role in any interior. They give the best opportunity to express the owner’s preferences and character. Unique and original paintings, statues, carpets, candlesticks, vases, dinnerware and other objects bring spring mood and warmth to the room.

Spring decoration ideas interior design self-decorating living room coffee table sofa ornamental plant cactus bouquet of flowers

Big and small, in vases or pots, the indoor plants should always be with you

In addition to using patterns of flowers and plants in the interior, do not forget about real green. Cut flowers and green ornamental plants bring fresh nature into the room.

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