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10 great tips for possible room design with decorative pillows

In interior design, the pillows are just as important as our favorite lipstick in the pocket. They’re also varied and can easily spice up the room. Are you already interested? Let’s go then….

Choose floral motifs that go well with the decor in your living room. To tame the effect of bold colors, place them on neutral surfaces.

Decorative pillows in different warm colors-sofa cushions

Decorative pillows in different warm colors

If you have a neutral shade in the living room, then choose two or three rich colors to increase the effect of depth. The more neutral the wall color, the more colorful the pillows should be.

Block colors and different size sofa cushions

Neutral colors and different sizes of the decorative pillows

Do not hesitate to combine several textures! A material like leather can be combined with silk or velvet for a cozy yet modern flair.

Different patterns and colors sofa cushions

Different patterns and colors

If you want to spice up the whole look of your room, let yourself be inspired by numerous ideas. For example, if you like the patterns and colors of your favorite silk scarf, you can look for similar shades for your new pillows.

Colorful cushions for outdoors-sofa cushions

Colorful cushions for outdoors

Having pillows the same size can look very drab! You can get different sizes and shapes (oval with rectangular) for a cozy atmosphere.

Oriental patterns and motifs sofa cushions

Oriental patterns and motifs for an African flair

So that not all rooms in the house look feminine, you can use the combination of yellow and gray pillows.

Modern design of the sofa cushion decorative cushion garden

Modern design of the sofa cushions

High-contrast block colors with horizontal and vertical lines are an eye-catcher – especially in small rooms.

Cozy pillows with different designs of decorative pillows

Cozy pillows with different designs

Metallic nuances go well with earthy, neutral colors in the room. Make it look chic and simple and add monochrome colors for more elegance. For example, the Electric Cushion from Rapee creates a feeling of luxury and warmth.

Combination of textiles and materials-sofa cushion arrangement

Combination of textiles and materials

Give the edge of your hand a swipe to the center of the pillows to make them look more lively. Not all pillows are meant to be arranged in the same shape or color.

Diverse cushion designs-sofa cushion arrangement

Try putting the pillows on the sofa differently. So the room will appear somewhat new.

floral motifs and strong color sofa cushions

Floral motifs and strong colors bring a lively atmosphere into the room

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