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10 ideas for DIY gift baskets that will bring great joy this Christmas

Homemade delicacies wer are presented in neat, ready-to-use packages.

Christmas is getting closer and closer and we are all gripped by the sweet Christmas fever! The special Christmas decorations, the gifts for friends and families, the festive menu…. Everything has to be right, so it would be advisable to prepare for it early enough. Today we want to make it easy and combine 2 important things in one. Do you already have the idea of ​​something tasty to give your loved ones for Christmas? Here we show you 10 great ideas for self-made gift baskets, full of sweets, with which you can surprise young and old for Christmas. Stay tuned and get inspiration for such DIY projects!

Everything you need for a sweet and savory breakfast….


Breakfast for two….

Buy a cast iron pan and make pancakes. You will also need a few things like a jar of apple jam, honey butter and 2-3 fresh oranges. You can then arrange all of this in a gift basket and your little surprise is ready! Bon appetit at breakfast!

Jalapeño and Cheddar Skillet Cornbread


Your breakfast for two can also be a bit spicy …

Do you know this spicy breakfast? You could really surprise your husband or partner with this!

Honey butter

honey butter

A Christmas present from the kitchen

Butter with honey bought in the aroma shop is a simple and tasty addition to the gift basket.

Orange cardamom jam

orange cardamom jam gift baskets

Can you make a jam yourself?

This homemade jam can be spread on lightly buttered toast or croissant or eaten on an English muffin with fresh goat cheese. A plus point for you: in a sealed jam jar this can be kept for up to a year. Place the jar with the jam in a wire basket and add some fresh oranges. Your gift basket is ready!

Tasty grill ingredients


We like to grill every season!

Despite the cold outside, many people like to grill at Christmas time. You need the right grill ingredients for that, don’t you? That’s why a bottle of homemade ketchup is a good gift idea! Add a few more homemade grill skewers and a brush and present them all on a cutting board. You can then wrap this in cellophane and round off your DIY Christmas present with a beautiful bow.

Homemade ketchup

homemade ketchup gift baskets

Homemade ketchup well packaged as a gift idea for Christmas

Your homemade ketchup can also be given away! Hang a gift card on each glass and write on it that the ketchup can be kept well chilled for up to a month.

grill gift baskets

Rub the grill dry and clean

How do you clean your grill appliance? Such small but very practical things are always useful.

Popcorn bags for real movie fans

popcorn bag gift baskets

A popcorn bag for a real cinema fan

Christmas time is also there for lounging! If you stay at home for a long time, you could be watching great movies and snacking on them. Or wouldn’t it be better to have a bag of popcorn on hand?

Everything you need for baking

gift baskets

Do your friends like to bake at Christmas time too?

This gift basket contains everything you could need for baking delicious Christmas cakes.

How can you easily survive an icy cold day?

gift basket christmas

Everyone needs something like this on a freezing cold day

There are days like this in winter – it’s freezing outside, the blanket of snow remains and we don’t even want to go out into the cold. Not even for shopping. Then you have to prepare something warm and sweet at home and spend the day in the comfort of your own four walls!
We wish you a cozy Christmas season!

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