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10 ideas for your new plants at home

The stressful everyday life eats up our free time and less and less we get into the countryside. Then we should “invite” the green and unconditionally home. Today we are giving you ten creative ideas on how you can use indoor plants in your rooms.

Flat ideas plants wooden armchair white hanging plant

Would you like more greenery in the room? Yes, indoor plants have a refreshing effect

The elegant hanging plants bring an airy and lively atmosphere to the room. The best place for them is in a hanging pot or in a tall flower pot. Don’t forget the window ledge. There you can place your discarded young plants that need more heat and light. This gives the room a pleasant freshness.

Apartment ideas plants cactus throw pillow ceiling wooden floor clay pot

For the beginners – better start with cacti and other succulents!

For beginners, we recommend the undemanding indoor plants such as succulents, cacti, as well as bow hemp, green lilies and ivy, which do not require complicated care. But note that these houseplants do not need as much water and you should let the soil dry out in between. You will make no mistake if you water them once a month. Terracotta pots like these in the picture look definitely rustic.

Apartment ideas plants sofa dark blue ficus wooden floor decorative pillows

Impressive look – you can achieve this with a large plant in a square container

If you want to create a stylish accent in the interior with plants, then definitely take a large indoor plant with mighty leaves (e.g. Ficus elastica) instead of arranging countless small plants. Add a simple, square saucepan.

Flat ideas plants kitchen salad fresh spices

Mini cold frame in the kitchen

Fresh herbs and spices don’t just belong in the garden. If you like parsley, baby spinach and basil, then opt for the Ikeas cold frame on your kitchen counter. The young green in the kitchen brings a good mood into the room and shortly afterwards – a healthy taste on the plate. Meal time!

Apartment ideas plants bedroom gray white indoor flower

The bedroom needs green plants like all other rooms in the apartment

You can decorate your white room (like the bedroom in the picture) with several small plants. Decorate your elegant and filigree pieces of furniture and shelves with house plants that have delicate leaves with fresh green tones. Hanging plants are always ideal for free walls.

Flat ideas plants creative cut plant antique kane cup wood

Your grandma will be happy! The old things are nicely reused

The planters are not always what they seem. Be creative and use your grandma’s old bowls, jugs or metal cups and wooden elements for this purpose. They are just as suitable for potted plants as they are for cut flowers. Do not forget to renew the water of the cut flowers daily to extend their life.

Flat ideas plants hanging plants throw pillow square design wall gray

No place? Then hanging plants.

Do you have little space in your room? Then the plants in hanging pots are the ideal solution for you. Design your flower concept at different heights to look funnier, or at the same heights and with the same plants for a minimalist look.

Flat ideas plants fresh spices glazed pots lush

No more cutting, just let it grow.

You don’t define yourself as particularly neat and you don’t really enjoy shaping plants in the garden? Get yourself some glazed planters in neutral, soft colors and create a personable indoor garden with lush plants that don’t need bending or plucking, but only require watering once a week.

Here we provide you with a design solution for indoor plants in one decorative greenhouse in front. The high-quality construction is made of light real wood and goes well with the furniture in the room.

No space for the pots with fresh spices on the worktop in the kitchen? Don’t worry – hang the vessels over the plate, facing down. Yes, it is possible with Boskke’s “Sky Planter”. The design of these creative pots holds the plants and allows watering from above.

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