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10 ideas for your outdoor dining area

It is midsummer and we all want to spend as much time as possible outside, admire the green surroundings and recharge our batteries directly from nature.

So that you have unforgettable experiences outside of the four walls, we want to give you some inspiration today on how you can design a cozy dining area outdoors. A suitable place for this is of course your garden or backyard. Scroll down and let our picture gallery impress you!

copper-Chairs for one individual touch outdoors

Design dining room tables with chairs in a modern way

These chic copper chairs can be used just as well indoors and outdoors

Create a cozy outdoor dining area where you can be undisturbed Your meals to be able to enjoy. Zu use this purpose best neutral outdoor furniture and set some colorful accents, for example as shown in our picture, you can combine a wooden table with cool dining chairs made of copper. This particular mix of materials demonstrates yours Imagination. These wire chairs look very elegant and they can do the same Can be used indoors when the weather outside is no longer so sunny. There are other important details to consider when designing your outdoor dining area. Here you definitely need a side table and a chest of drawers where you can put a lot stow away. If you like to have fun and spend a long time with friends entertaininge to have a conversation, you have to create a cozy atmosphere and lots of fresh flowers in the Focus set. Then you can be sure to spend pleasant hours outside in a good mood.

Fancyr chandelier

Chairs wooden table garden outdoor

A homemade chandelier makes the atmosphere even more cozy at every meal

If your to-do list in the garden also prune deciduous trees and shrubs contains, then it is appropriate that somen of the cutouts get a new function. You can do this onen make fancy candlesticks. Hang up him then to a branch directly above Your dining table and serve the food! Let it go under the open sky taste!

Private retreat

Modern wooden table for patio garden

Embedded in a lot of green you feel like you are in the middle of the great outdoors while you sip your wine

Tucked away in a corner the terrace and however near the house, this feelsr Dining area included, thanks to a splendid tea trees (Lemon myrtle). Mexicanr Gravel fills the spaces between the big one sandstone slabs. The green accents bring the best of the surrounding nature directly into this dining area.

Dining table from pallets

Wooden table garden modern ideas

A dining table made from Euro pallets, but flowers bloom in the middle! Ingenious idea, right?

Shipping pallets are everywhere: abandoned behind shops, stacked in the corners of every large one Parking lot in front of the most famous department stores. If you are one of those passionate hobbyists, you can decide right away, a piece of this floating debriss into something useful and beautifulto transform it. E.a palette is great for a table top, she is even coated with wax stain. You only need four legs attach that she perhaps found at a flea marketn. And what could be missing here? The ingenious idea includes something else – one livingn Table runner! Are you surprised too? A flower container can be built into the center of the table (you just need to contact the Think drainage)! You can then plant succulents or other flowers of your choice in it.

Fruit and vegetables from our own garden

Design ideas furniture dining table chairs

Fruit and vegetables from your own garden taste best

Many homeowners design a dining area in theirs backyard. In our next photo you can see a heavenly place where you can undoubtedly fully enjoy your meals. From the From the beginning of summer to late autumn you can eat outside and prepare your meals with products from your own garden. Simple wooden furniture compliments the natural environment.

Dine in the backyard

Furniture garden seating group wooden table

Lots of green and wonderful scents round off the pleasure of dining outside in the open air

Perhaps that is the dream of many people – a Mediterranean-style courtyard without walls!

In the centre of the courtyard stands the dining area, the dining table is with oner Concrete slab fitted.

Inspired by the casual elegance the Mediterranean gardens the homeowner still has the floor space here with pearl gravel covered. It feels good when you’re barefoot going on, right?

A tall tree provides shade on hot days. Um the green outside too add to, evergreen bushes have been planted. And the wonderful look of this outdoor area is made possible by Lavender, myrtle and rosemary made perfect. At dinner outside you can feel their wonderful scent!

Create a Beverages-Outdoor bar

Outdoor kitchen for the terrace idea grill

Do you also need an outside drinks bar?

While your Outdoor Küche design, do you think about whether you need an outdoor drinks bar or not? Such a place could still act as a service counter or buffet table.There is enough storage space under the plate to store many things there.

Outdoor meals enjoy fully

Aluminum garden furniture set table

You can also design your dining area on the garden terrace and feel nature up close with every meal outside

Of course, you can develop your garden plants from the open Garden and terrace pursue. Don’t forget to grow fragrant herbs and lots of vegetables, they will make your food tasty and healthy! Look at this wonderful garden picture for a long time, broaden your horizons and spread your wings! It’s so nice to sit outside and feel nature up close!

Party-S.chirm in the middle of the green of the garden

Wooden garden ideas for home decoration

Cozy sitting outside for two

If you have a Garden party organize outside, don’t forget the appropriate decoration! Some colorful umbrellas and a couple of lanterns make a lot.

the magic the covered garden terrace

Round metal table garden furniture

A dining area on the covered terrace can be your much-desired place this summer!

Design your covered garden terrace so that you feel like you are in paradise. Lots of green and great garden flowers are a must. You can place your dining area under the canopy and … … just dream! This is the magic of summer!

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