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10 little tricks: this is how your home smells wonderfully of autumn

Autumn is here and we not only notice it in the cooler temperatures outside in the mornings and evenings. The brightly colored tree leaves in Park are a sure sign of the season change. Now we have to prepare ourselves for autumn and look forward to the coming holidays. And at these events and family celebrations, it couldn’t work without autumn aromas. How could you make your home smell pleasantly of baked pumpkins, apples and cinnamon? Find out here! Because autumn comes with its typical scents, doesn’t it?

Peel apples, cinnamon sticks and clove in water and warm up in the pot – you are guaranteed to have a wonderful autumn scent in the House


Now your home must go after apples. Smell cinnamon and clove

A super easy trick: take apple peel, cinnamon sticks and clove and put them in a saucepan with enough water. Heat everything on the stove and your house will be filled with great taste and with the irresistible aroma of these products.

Hang a fragrant garland of dried orange slices on the mantelpiece

curb decoration garland

Pumpkin decoration and homemade garland made from dried orange slices combined with bay leaves

Make a garland of dried orange slices yourself and hang it on the mantelpiece! If you wish, you could balance out the typical orange scent with cinnamon sticks and bay leaves. But in both cases your home will smell like autumn!

Baked apples with cinnamon and nuts spread wonderfuls aroma through the house

baked apple

Baked apples – a real treat for the palate and lots of flavor in the house

Every housewife knows exactly how to bake apples. Combine these with nuts according to your taste and with cinnamon sticks and you get a wonderful autumn aroma in the house!

You can also make scented candles with the typical autumn aromas yourself instead of buying them

kurbis aroma

Scented candles with the typical autumn aromas should not be missing in your home

The pumpkin aroma has secured its first well-deserved position among autumn fragrances. Do some research on the Internet and find suitable instructions on how to make scented candles with a pumpkin aroma yourself. It’s definitely worth trying!

Place coffee beans around the scented candlesto strengthen the aroma

curb aroma coffee beans

Round off the pumpkin aroma with coffee beans

You can improve the effect of your scented candles with a handful Round off freshly baked coffee beans when you distribute them around the candles

Essential oils give off a tasty aroma


The bookmark within your favorite reading could also smell of the coming autumn

In case you retire with a good book in hand and want to make yourself comfortable then follow this trick: spray a spicy essential oil on your bookmark and you will be in a cloud of scent all the time!

Dried fruits, herbs and spices bring the fragrance of autumn into your home


Now there is a smell of dried fruits, herbs and spices everywhere

To be on the safe side, put your favorite dried fruit in a decorative bowl and combine it with spices and herbs.

You are guaranteed to bring the fragrance of autumn home with you!

Try some pumpkin gmaking ewort soaps yourself


Homemade pumpkin spice soaps for more flavor at home

This homemaden Pumpkin spice soaps put a smile on your faceevery time you wash your hands with it.

A typical flavor combination in autumn – apples with cinnamon


Irresistible aroma – apple-cinnamon syrup

Apples and cinnamon can be combined in different ways. We’ll tell you the trick to boil them together as a syrup. The aroma of apples and cinnamon will invite you and your guests to linger longer in the kitchen!

Pine or pine cones spread their scent everywhere


Pine cones in a bowl are simply a must in autumn decorations

Pine and pine cones are in great demand this season because they spread their typical aroma everywhere. If you want to strengthen your scent, spray the cones with essential oil and enjoy the scent for a long time!

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