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10 steps to a tidy kitchen

Keeping things tidy can be tough for all of us, especially in the dining area. You want to have everything with you and not always rummage through wall cabinets or deep drawers looking for something specific. But clearing out is important – why else would the minimalist kitchen be so popular right now? Read our tips and use as much of them as possible to give your kitchen a makeover.

In addition to the cluttered worktops and the lack of storage space, unnecessary items simply steal our time. Freshen up your kitchen area for spring and say goodbye to items that no longer suit your personal taste.

Kitchen organization steps keep tidy

Make your work in the kitchen easier with a good organizational system

The overall look of a room is almost always improved when items are removed from it. Items that are no longer used have no business in the kitchen. Keep only working, valued household items.

Clearing out household using working object

The available space is used optimally if all food and kitchen tools have a fixed storage location

Try to keep correspondence, invoices and press in the appropriate place every day. These things tend to overflow.

Correspondence newspapers put away household organization

Clear away all correspondence, invitations and newspapers in good time

In all likelihood, you too have a most-used drawer or, in other words, a place for all sorts of things. Take out unnecessary wooden spoons, sieves, skewers, meat thermometers and other tiny parts and remove the long-forgotten kitchen accessories. This makes space for new, modern purchases.

Mostly used drawer to tidy up the kitchen

Remove all unused items, even small items, from the kitchen drawer

Every accessory should have a prescribed place in relation to its use.

Kitchen accessories utensils provided space

Kitchen accessories should be close at hand wherever they are used

If every object has its corresponding location, you often take the time to put it back there as well.

Put kitchen items back after use

For storage, it is recommended that each item has its own space

The much-used, old pots and pans have certainly served you well and for a long time. But it’s time for new, innovative designs!

New pots pans buy kitchen order

Old, scraped-off pots and pans no longer have a place in the modern kitchen

New tea towels are always useful. Only the bleaching on washed or completely new textiles has a pleasant effect.

White tea towels provide tips on kitchen organization

We can’t get enough of white tea towels!

Organized worktops have a special charm.

Countertop marble tidy keeping household organization

This tidy countertop lets us see the pretty marble underneath

You should feel proud of your own kitchen. This is the place where we cook, entertain and feed. So you can at least try to keep your kitchen in perfect condition!

Organize spring cleaning to clear out the kitchen

A well-organized kitchen is good for you!

A well-organized household saves us time and not only makes everyday life easier, it also contributes to a high quality of life.

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