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10 super cozy places where you can pursue your hobby

Do you have a hobby that you want to take up again in winter? During the cold months we stay home more and longer and have more free time for indoor activities, don’t we? Free spirits and adventurers now like to sit at the chessboard and have fun. Do you also belong to this group? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we want to show you 10 cozy places at home where you can pursue your favorite hobby. All of the picture examples will surely inspire you and you could also imitate them in your own four walls, because they all have that certain something that gives the room a cozy atmosphere. And everyone would like to play chess, trick track or other amusing games in a cozy atmosphere, right?

Wing chair


Comfortable wing armchairs upholstered in red leather radiate additional energy and playfulness

Wing armchairs or comfortable chairs with red leather upholstery look like they are full of energy. Exactly what you need for a long night at the chess board. This simple table adds the southern charm to the play atmosphere, while the light curtains bring the comfortable feeling for the best privacy protection.

Set up a special place to play


Playing in the middle of nature and enjoying the serenity is a lot of fun

Isn’t that pure idyll? This special place at the window offers a wonderful view of the trees outside and exudes harmony and serenity. In this great place, let’s say it right away – in the middle of the great outdoors, you could like to spend hours. The place is skilfully chosen, in a cozy corner of the room and right in front of oversized windows and the enchanting view makes it even more dramatic. Mahogany wood panels only suggest that this country house was recently renovated.

The balance between rustic flair and off-white


If you prefer the rustic style?

The padded window seat, rustic wooden table, pillows and even a throw blanket invite you to a long evening of games. The best part is the storage space under the window bench where you can store the game board.

Real wood, upholstered chairs, right in front of the bookcase – an ideal play area for two!

dining chairs

Make yourself comfortable in the reading room or in the house library!

It couldn’t be cozier than in a library corner. A round table in walnut veneer invites you to play. Upholstered dining room chairs are comfortable enough to sit and think for hours. And something else: in this ambience everything is perfectly color-coordinated, right down to the last detail. The wooden elements come out brilliantly on the gray background!

Cosiness and country house charm in one

interesting throw pillows

It’s very cozy in a country house – wooden beams on the ceiling and wood veneer on the walls

A small play corner within a large room can be so cozy and especially suitable for playing. Open ceiling beams and dark brown wood veneer make the ambience look a bit rustic. Interesting throw pillows and the warm lighting of the wall lights and a hanging lamp complete the look.

Wood on the walls, rustic herringbone pattern on the floor, warm colors make up the cozy atmosphere


Do you like to play chess?

This built-in bench nestles between two beautiful bookshelves and creates another space within a large living room. Pleasant colors and rough surfaces confirm the southern style of living.

A thick, fluffy carpet sets the tone here


Which game do you prefer?

These game tables invite small groups of players to gather around them, or pull the tables and sink into the comfortable sofa. If there are not enough seats, you can also sit on the fluffy carpet.

A play area for young and old

teak table country house

Rustic atmosphere invites you to play

living room design ideas

In this rustic and very cozy atmosphere, you will definitely want to try chess or another amusing game with your little ones. This is the best way to teach your children good things.

Play next to the fireplace


Do you want to teach your little ones an interesting game?

Perhaps it is the wonderful intimacy of the painting that makes this such a cozy place. Upholstered chair seats, music and the colorful books add further charm to this welcoming atmosphere. Here you can have fun with your little ones for hours.

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