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10 ways color can easily change the whole look of a room

It is well known that colors have a strong influence on the design of a room. Of course, you can ruin a look, but you can also refine it and start a new one, bring higher level. Today we want to take a closer look at the second case and show you how you can define your interior differently using new colors, splashes of color or splashes.

the door make it look different

Living room door stickers yellow ideas

An interior door painted in this way is sure to attract everyone’s attention

This weird color block design on der Door is coming certainly only in question for very brave homeowners. For those who find this cool and graphic door design too intrusive and are hesitant about having such a door in their home, we recommend something else. Of course you can an interior door in a striking color delete and to this wise oneen pretty boring spacespice up. The same goes for also for your front door. You need to himself not for neon green decide, but a coat of paint can work wonders.

the Dresser is experiencing her big comeback

Retro dresser decor ideas

The dresser can get a brand new look in just a few simple steps

Give ar oldn Dresser or a drawer cabinet a few coats of paint and you breathe these pieces of furniture a new life. You can choose a light shade or just classic black or white to brush, depending on what you want. This DiyProject gives your dresser a brand newn Look. You can the Update complete complete by new handles or knobs attach.

The mirror Renew with spray paint

Mirror design modern design

A simple, cheap mirror can look like a designer piece.

Mirrors can make a room appear larger leave and also represent a focus point. But in most cases, beautiful mirrors are quite expensive. That is why we propose something cheaper: You can use yourn Make mirrors attractive yourself. For this DIY project, you will need a cheap mirror, painter’s tape and spray paint, solike your own geometric designs. Cover a large part of the mirror with paper to protect it. Then take the spray paint and apply it to the other part of the mirror. Yes, you get a conspicuous mirror, don’t you?

your stool could look a lot more interesting

Round solid wooden stool

For your next party or simply for no specific reason, you can make your stool appear a little different at home

As you probably know, in many cases the beauty is in very small ones Details hidden. It doesn’t matter if you already have single-colored bar stools at home have or himself buy some inexpensive ones for your dinette want, you can get creative with patterns and colors get around and create something really interesting. Painter’s tape is a must have for this project.

Lanterns and paint sconces in bright colors

Shabby chic lantern

I would also like to have such a lantern!

The lighting can make a real difference in a room outmake, predominate in two aspectsd: once becomes your space properly lit and second, the lighting can be a suitable one Complement your interior design style being. If you have an old lantern or a Wall lampr to have, who have already seen better days, you can start thinking about giving these lighting fixtures a new chance. It’s pretty simple: Remove she from the wall, disassemble into individual parts. Then take the spray paint and cover the outer part with it. Then you can choose the color let it dry and then hang up the lantern again. This idea also works with wall sconces and hanging lampn.

the stairway gets a new look

  With the ombre effect, the stairs look inviting

With the ombre effect, the stairs look inviting

The ombré trend is still popular in interior design. This is a great way to spice up the stairwell at home. To this end, you can successive shades of the same color select and Paint stripes on each step. The number of shades depends on the height Off your stairs. Use a small, angled brush for the edges and a larger one for the step surface.

Make photos or prints more attractive

Decoration ideas Photos in picture frames

But this is not an idea for DIY beginners!

OK, that You should not do it, at least you may this technique not on a special, expensive print use. But this project works fine with thrift store paintingn. Or, buy some cheap prints and frames and to attempt You it. Create a common border with painter’s tape, around then split the artwork in two bepaint the bottom half of the frame.

The coffee table looks stylish now

Round modern coffee table

With a new color scheme, you can transform a simple wooden table into a special piece of furniture

After a new coat of paint can a simple wooden table in a stylish piece of furniture transform. Here you could use different floral designs or animal prints to create a striking effect. Yes, exactly, you always have to be creative with the motifs.

Bar WCreate agen from an old tool trolley

Serving trolley Modern

An old tool trolley gets completely new functions

A tool trolley gets a new life as a beverage stand, mainly thanks to a spray paint in gold. Take the whole bar car first apart before you start With the color to work. S.o you can all edges and angles spray properly. If gold isn’t your thing, you can go for other colors, like red, blue, or silver.

Lovely Create ceramic pots yourself

Ceramic pots of beautiful exotic plants

Small ceramic pot with great charisma

Give yourn Plant containers or flower potsn a personal touch. You can create different designs or a group of a few potsn arrange in different colors. Notice the factthat you need a little patience and wait have tountil the layers of paint dry. S.o get a smooth, even surface the ceramic pots. Now it’s just a matter of planting! So, roll up your sleeves and get to work!

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