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11 ways to create a beautifully designed bookcase

Discover tips, tricks and techniques therefor, as your Put your favorite books in the limelight be able

Bookworms look forward determined to read our post today. The optionsto design a bookcase effectively, are almost limitless. It doesn’t matter if you Stack your favorite reading, sort it or arrange it in a color-coordinated way, we have in all cases something interesting for her there. They find out more about that, where and how she Put your books down and achieve a coping effect in the interior!

Coordinate color and pair effectively

Wall shelves bookcases wood white ikea scandinavian

There are no limits to the various design options

Try the back of the bookcasePaint s in a matching color and make them stand out. Big letters with your initials are a great idea because they add a personal touch. Then combine with Vases, yourn popular souvenirs or with other bells and whistles. How to lend your bookcase one expressive Look.

Use the available space maximal from

Ikea white wall shelves

Any free space can be used for bookshelves

Place a bookshelf there, where it is possible depending on the space available. If the wall is narrow, like here in the picture, you could use some shelf spacen to stack, with no additional square footage in claim to to take. This is one of the best ways correct free spacesto use, which one only difficult to decorate can.

Take up the whole free wall

Wall shelf retro bookshelf

The whole free wall can be filled with bookshelves

If you’re dramatic looking, floor to ceiling sufficient If you want to add shelves, you can definitely Her dreams realize. You certainly need that one Book leader to that to achieve the highest level and thus ensure oneen classic cool look.

Your media corner could be built into the bookshelf

Modern open wall shelves bookcases white

The flat screen TV is just right here!

Built-in Bookcases are a great way to have a flat screenftelevision there in scene to set. With such a wall design you say clearly:Yes, I see like watching TV, but Reading makes me also great pleasure. ” Such bookshelves are usually a real eye-catcher in the room and combine functionality and aesthetics are great together.

You can also build a desk into your bookcase

Luxury bookcase wood

Your home office doesn’t have to be big, it has to be comfortable

Having a desk and your books in one place makes a great combination out. Very practical and convenient! You can place your PC on the desk and what else? Yes, of course you need a comfortable office chair next to it to get a real one Home office to design.

Create a cozy reading corner

Bookshelf design ideas

A comfortable reading corner is no longer a luxury, but rather a must

Ae Window bench between two bookshelvesn placed makes for a simple Solving some problems at the same time. In this way, you make maximum use of the free space in front of and on both sides of the window and create a cozy reading corner. So that you additional storage space to have, rather choose a window bench, which can be opened. You can store decorative pillows, blankets and other things there.

Add a splash of color and make your interior look even more sublime

White wooden bookcases

The bookcase brings more color to the white interior

If you prefer white walls and furniture, you can add some color to your room by adding a bookcase with brightly colored booksn to fill. Put in order The books depending on the color, so that you really get a colorful look. Now your totally white interior is punctuated by a few splashes of color here and there.

Grant that hallway a whole new look

Shelves ideas for books

You can convert the narrow hallway

It depends on how wide your hallway is. There you can fill the free space under the stairs with bookshelves and in this way make the most of it. A second shelf Placed opposite the stairs can completely redefine your entrance area and show all guests and friends that you are a real bookworm! But this shelf can also fulfill another function. It could demarcate the space and act as a partition between the hallway and living room. Think about these options because they are 100% remarkable.

Remember, sometimes a smaller shelf is better than a big one

Wall shelves bookcases white design

This small bookshelf is definitely a successful solution for your favorite books

If you don’t have the money or the Space for a big ones Have built-in shelves, can a small, low shelf unit look just as great in your home and attract everyone’s attention. Design she the little bookshelf with hern Favorite vintage treasuresn. stackn you the Books vertical and put some also horizontally and create a stylish look.

Be open minded to different opportunities


A rustic bookcase also looks appropriate in a modern setting

When you want a less traditional look for your bookshelves create want, you should the idea for a series of open shelves rethink. they offer not just enough Storage space for the Books, rather leave the whole wall of books lighter look. Such shelves also work well in very modern interiors.

Showcase art and literature together on a wall

Luxury living room bookcase

Finally, an enchanting idea: art and literature go hand in hand here!

Of course you don’t have to between a bookcase or a great artplant on the wall if you choose both side by side to have be able? Let one Job on the wall free and put your favoriteartpiece or a great painting. So you set up visuals interest on your bookcase and make your interior varied.

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