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12 clean designs for the girl’s room

Turn your nursery into a chic and fun retreat with these interior designs. In the following we show beautiful pictures that can serve as a source of inspiration for every girl’s room. Stay tuned and let yourself be inspired!

Great designs for girls rooms

The chocolate brown wall color balances out the pink accents in this room. To make the rich hue more playful and suitable for a young girl, clear white wooden shutters, storage boxes and a stylish lamp with a floral pattern were chosen here. The textiles, on the other hand, are in neutral tones.

Wall in gray and colorful accents-teenage girl's bedroom

Wall in gray and colorful accents in the room

Elegant environment

With the simple gray walls and monochrome furniture, this room can be intended for a girl from 6 to 16 years. The contemporary desk and bedside tables are suitable for little girls but can also be useful for a teen.

Simple design in pink and gray teenage girl bedroom

Simple design in pink and gray

Clear division in the girl’s room

This room represents youthful finesse for little girls. Separated from the sleeping area, the playroom in lavender offers enough space to play, where your teen can also invite friends. The lime green sofa is the perfect place to read a book while enjoying the beautiful view. The division ensures a clearly defined purpose of the bedroom and playroom.

Play area in purple with roman blinds- teenage girl's bedroom

Purple play area with roman blinds

Stylish arrangement in the girl’s room

Bring more organization into the room with these simple shelves. Organize the books, children’s art and other little things in different sizes. Narrow wicker baskets serve as storage space and free the desk of clutter.

Colorful interior and small desk in white teenage girl's bedroom

Colorful furnishings and a small desk in white

Starting point for excursions – very easy

Nothing is more fun for children than a small retreat in the house. This pink tent is just the right size: it fits perfectly into the room and the child can still play in it.

floral motifs and children's tent youth bedroom girls

Floral motifs and a children’s tent to play with

DIY country-style decor for the girl’s room

This design is intended for many age groups and falls into the country style category. For a personal and playful touch, the letters of a name are shown: LOLA. The little girl hung her name on the wall in a wooden frame painted white on printed paper. The letters now look a bit old and create a worn look.

Children's room with two separate areas-teenage girl's bedroom

Children’s room with two separate areas

Funny additions

In the past, bedrooms were only for sleeping. The illustrated bubble chair offers space for reading and learning; the secret hiding place accessible through a ladder is probably specially allowed for girls – “girls only”. To make this room easier to organize, the designer has made many storage options available: from open bookshelves to built-in closets.

Children's room in shabby chic teenage girl's bedroom

Children’s room in shabby chic style

Designer children's room with hanging chair-children's room youth bedroom

Designer children’s room with a hanging chair and climbing wall

Bookshelf and storage in children's room-teenage bedroom children's room girls

Wall shelf for better storage of children’s toys in the girl’s room

French style teenage girl bedroom in pink french style bedroom

French style bedroom in pink

Modern youth room in pink with black desk youth bedroom girl

Modern youth room in pink with a black desk

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