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12 DIY tips for autumn leaves in your home decor for the new season

Autumn has announced its advance and outside in the park or forest we notice that very clearly. The new season arrives with new colors: the warm colors yellow, orange, red and brown dominate in their various shades. The leaves slowly fall from the trees and form a colorful carpet on the floor. Do you want to bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your home? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because the subject Autumn decoration We are very busy here in the Trendomat editorial team and inspire us to always prepare new and interesting ideas for you. We already told you about the most beautiful Autumn flowers reports and tips for your autumn decoration at home. Today we go on and succinctly explain 12 DIY ideas with fall leaves that you can use while decorating and beautifying your home. With the help of these decoration ideas you can give your home a festive look, even turn it into a wonderland and celebrate autumn in such an atmosphere with friends and family.

  1. Master a garland of beautiful autumn leaves yourself


    Make a beautiful garland of gold-painted autumn leaves yourself and add a message to it!

Express your thanks to nature with a self-made garland made of autumn leaves. Rather personalize each gold painted sheet by writing a message on it. Show your feelings openly and welcome autumn!

  1. Leaf pattern pillow cases


    Autumn leaf prints spice up the pillowcases

The DIY ideas are becoming more and more popular, they are actually popular with young and old. Here’s one for the housewives among you: Prints with autumn leaves can freshen up your pillowcases, especially when they’re in white. This bold graphic transforms every decorative pillow into a real eye-catcher and adds an autumn note to the ambience.

  1. Mobile made of golden leaves


    No children, but a decorative mobile with golden autumn leaves is undoubtedly the eye-catcher in the room

As you know, mobile is part of the cot. But you can now use the same idea in autumn and hang autumn leaves painted in gold on it. This arrangement is sure to attract everyone’s attention!

  1. Clay bowl in leaf shape

    wooden bowl table decoration

    A wonderful leaf-shaped clay bowl that you can also master yourself

Do not despair at the sight of this clay bowl in the shape of a leaf. Yes, it looks very masterfully and super professionally crafted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something like that. It’s definitely worth a try. The finish with the gold paint on a base coat of light acrylic paints is particularly successful, isn’t it?

  1. Leaf place cards

    autumnal table decoration

    Great place cards for your autumn festival in the office or at home

Save some of the gold spray paint for this easy DIY idea and turn the fallen leaves into personalized place cards. You can bet that we will make such place cards for our office party next week!

  1. Apply brightly painted autumn leaves for a wall decoration

    fall decor wall design ideas

    Brightly painted autumn leaves can masterfully decorate any bare wall

So that your wall doesn’t look bare and boring, make a garland of brightly painted autumn leaves and you will soon see for yourself that this is a real hit!

  1. Linen tablecloth with leaf print


    Spice up the tablecloth with leaf print with dry autumn leaves

There is currently a wide range of beautiful tablecloths with autumn motifs on the market. You can (or want to) treat yourself to one and create an autumnal atmosphere at home.

  1. Give old plates a new look


    A dining table can look inviting with these leaf print dishes

You can breathe new life into old plates that you have not yet thrown away by freshening them up by pressing the leaf

  1. Brightly painted autumn leaves


    Color the autumn leaves with the children

This is a DIY idea that you can make together with your children and teach the little ones new skills and dexterity.

  1. Make your own garland or a wreath out of colorful autumn leaves


    Another garland of colorful autumn leaves

Introduce the typical fall colors – money, orange, red and brown – into your interior design by adding a garland or a Autumn wreath tinker with colorful autumn leaves and hang it on the wall.

  1. A leaf bowl for all DIY lovers


    You can use the leaf bowl!

This delicate leaf bowl is a real eye-catcher on every living room table, isn’t it? In order for you to tinker them, you’ll need an ample amount of mod podge and foam. If you plan to use real leaves for these DIY make sure they are fresh, evenly fallen, and easy to shape without breaking.

A leaf garland for DIY beginners


Easy DIY idea with dried autumn leaves and old book pages

This is a very easy DIY idea that you can also involve your children in realizing. On your next walk in the park or through the woods, collect colorful autumn leaves and stick them on old book pages. Yes, it’s that easy and … Voila! Your autumn decoration is ready!

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