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12 kitchens that immediately catch the eye with their rounded shapes

The kitchen does not necessarily have to be equipped with linear elements and rectangular modules. The variety of shapes and designs is really huge, so you can easily choose your dream kitchen. Are you interested in round shapes? You can achieve the curvy appearance with rounded kitchen countertops, oval kitchen islands and modern cabinets with a curved frame or rounded front. There is a wide range of materials on the market, well suited for round shapes. In this article today we would like to introduce you to 12 kitchens with rounded elements.

Blue beauty

Kitchen interior curvy blue white

The blue-white duo looks very fresh

A round breakfast table in this small kitchen immediately catches the eye. The designer’s choice for the rounded edge without sharp edges and the round table leg creates an open atmosphere even when entering the room. The dark color of the table also plays an important role – it balances the lush blue cabinets behind.

In harmony with the wood grain

Kitchen furnishings curvy island real wood black white

Unconventional kitchen island made of natural wood

The linear effect of the wood grain underlines the rounded front of this large kitchen island. The vertical wood details that encase the island create an interesting visual contrast to the horizontal direction of the curve of the island plate. Comfortable seating was created by rounding off the front of the island.

Space saving

Kitchen furnishings curvy modern white rounded

White furniture is a good solution for small spaces

This little kitchen is enhanced with the addition of carefully crafted curves. The problem with the space was the L-shaped design of the kitchen cabinets. After the reconstruction, all devices were arranged one above the other. The rest of the room was equipped with storage cabinets. The smooth and seamless lines visually open up the space and the room seems larger in this way.

Color accent

Kitchen furnishings curvy island white sunny yellow smooth

Color accents are successful only if the rest of the interior is monochrome

This kitchen island is sure to attract attention with its brilliant, sunny yellow top. The simplicity of the design is underlined by the rounded shape at the corner and the glossy surface. In this example, the rounding serves as a design accent on the massive structure of the island.

Refreshing lime

Kitchen decor curvy lime aqua blue counter bar

Round shapes can be successfully combined with rectangular ones

This elegant kitchen stands out with its curvy shapes and beautiful, bright colors. A round counter has been created next to the sink and this mimics the shape of the higher placed bar. The choice of colors of lime and aqua lets the white elements really come to the fore. The curves are visible at the front of the counter and bar, which spices up the atmosphere in the room.

New heights

Kitchen furnishings curvy real wood concrete clear ceiling

Your dream kitchen? Yes, this is what the kitchen of the future will look like

The planning of the space in this kitchen, as well as the furniture itself, are very interesting and unconventional, but this does not affect the functionality of the equipment at all. The kitchen island has a curved shape, tops at different heights and a modern, successful mix of materials (wood and concrete). You can see more round accents on the floor – the border between wood and marble and on the wall – on the upper cabinets.

Kitchen furnishings curvy real wood pillar white stylish

Stylish rounded counter and a column – the main white accent in the room

Kitchen interior curvy stone wall island white dining table

This island shape saves space in the room and has full functionality

Kitchen furnishings curvy inovativ concrete counter industrial design

Modern industrial style concrete counter

Kitchen interior curvy round window wood glass

Lots of daylight, a large kitchen plate and a functional island – the dream kitchen

Kitchen furnishings curvy wood nasty upholstered armchair designer lamp

Rounded shapes and the classic combination between wood and aqua

Kitchen decor curvy island kitchen island bar stool white

The round counter complements the round kitchen island

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