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14 picture examples for successful marble use in the kitchen

We love marble, this material does not age. It is the eternal classic for countertops, has an absolutely versatile appearance and can be used in different styles in kitchens. But like all other materials, marble also has its disadvantages: it is prone to stains, scratches and etching. Marble is a natural product that develops a patina. Therefore, there are some questions about its use in the kitchen. Some of us like it when our marble kitchen countertops reflect everything around, others don’t. In the first picture you can see a well-designed kitchen in Vancouver (by Scott and Scott Architects), where you have a huge piece of marble in the kitchen with a built-in sink. It has a weight of around 800 kg.

Kitchen island marble countertops

Oversized marble piece in the kitchen with an integrated sink

Marble worktop kitchen island black

Do we want to make a comparison? Which material is better – quartz or marble? Granite or limestone?

Quartz is a bad doppelganger for real marble. Architects and interior designers love it for its durability, variety of colors and also for the fact that it requires little maintenance – it is stronger than granite or limestone. The quartz is also non-porous so you don’t have to worry about wax and pore closers. Our next photo example shows a family kitchen in Brooklyn where a monolithic kitchen island has been designed in quartzite. Right next to it, the breakfast corner is made of oak. This elegant kitchen is the family’s favorite place, where everyone gathers to cook and chat.

Concrete kitchen worktop

Or maybe you want a concrete kitchen countertop?

Concrete slabs are also very popular these days in modern kitchens. They are well suited for those who want a custom material with a natural sensitivity. Concrete comes in practically every color, has different surfaces from rough to smooth and is hardly damaged with intensive use.

Living ideas kitchen modern marble island

Granite and marble are heat resistant and find good use in the kitchen

Kitchen island concrete kitchen design

Polished concrete on the kitchen island doesn’t spoil the seamless look of the gray kitchen

If you want a seamless look in the kitchen, install a concrete countertop. This material does not rust and is waterproof. The most popular colors for concrete slabs are numerous shades of gray. The concrete can also be polished and gives a smooth surface as shown in the picture.

Concrete countertops

Concrete kitchen worktops have become more and more popular in recent years

Norm Architects have reinvented this IKEA kitchen idea. The kitchen worktop is smooth, 18mm thick and made of concrete, and has an integrated sink.

Marble kitchen white worktop

Marble, marble … and marble again

A key selling point about marble is that it comes in a wide variety of natural colors, including white, black, gray, green, yellow, and rose red. Some pieces of marble have dark, noticeable patterns, while others have fine patterns. The inherent irregular lines contrast beautifully with the straight lines of the kitchen.

Kitchen worktop made of wood.

You can place various kitchen utensils silently on your kitchen worktop.

We love wood and a wooden kitchen worktop always looks great. Wood can be wonderfully combined with other materials, e.g. it can be paired with marble. When cared for properly, wood is a long-lasting, long-lasting choice. Your wooden kitchen countertop could be repaired in contrast to solid surfaces made of laminate or natural stone.

Countertops white kitchen marble island

Every housewife would like to linger in such a kitchen

Although it is prone to scratches and stains, the marble slab is heat-resistant, stable and durable. This white marble countertop is installed in the kitchen of a San Francisco apartment and looks just adorable.

Living ideas kitchen island wood modern white tile mirror kitchen ideas

This kitchen area shows a great mix of different surfaces

Marble must be treated with love and respect. If you want roughness and hardness in the kitchen, you can mix different surfaces: stainless steel where you want to put hot pots, wood for work surfaces.

white kitchen with beautiful granite countertops

This DeVol kitchen has quartz countertops

Quartz looks good and is very robust, it is heat and impact resistant. If you choose this material for your kitchen countertop, you can’t go wrong.

Scandinavian furniture kitchen countertop made of wood

Wood is an inexpensive material and is often preferred

Wood is an affordable material and is used well in the kitchen because it has a lot to offer. Take care of it regularly and it will age well. But without the right care it can become dull and crack. Different types of wood come with different finishing oil recommendations and it is best to follow your installer’s instructions.

Modern kitchen countertops marble

You are certainly spoiled for choice and ask yourself: which material would be better for you?

If you are concerned about large, thick edges on the stone slab, keep in mind that the rest of the slab is usually cut thinner. In terms of finishes, marble is still the most popular option for most homeowners – it’s a classic that adds a lot of charm and character to any kitchen. But do we want to compare a little more? When it comes to limestone, matte textures could be sanded. Onyx is smooth and can be lit. With each option one can discover several advantages. It is best to choose the material for your kitchen worktop according to your own taste and personal preferences.

Design kitchen marble countertop

Marble Countertop In The Kitchen – This Might Be The Best Option For You!

Buying your kitchen countertop can be a time-consuming and complicated undertaking. Before making your selection, seek advice from your kitchen supplier and builder so that you know all the options well and can make the best decision.

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