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14 trendy interior design ideas from the 2016 San Francisco Decorator Showcase House

Every room in the 2016 San Francisco Decorator Showcase House looks like a great masterpiece, which is executed in a unique design. The delightful design solutions are simply breathtaking, but unfortunately not at all easy on the wallet. But we took a good look around and picked up 14 ingenious furnishing ideas that everyone could implement at home.

Bedroom decorative pillows trendy interior design ideas

Tie the pillows together with two belts

In this way you solve two problems – limited storage space and a lack of trendy decoration in the bedroom. Tie some cushions of appropriate colors with belts or strips of lace together and create a modern atmosphere at home

trendy furnishing ideas Objet d'Art works of art black armchair

Hang Objet d’Art on the wall

Objet d’Art, or artwork. It’s no secret that many interior designers love to hang various types of art on the wall. Be brave and create a great design look in your living room or home office with Objet d’Art on the wall.

Art in the garden trendy exterior interior design ideas 2016

Show some art in the garden

If you are an artistic person, lend Your garden an aesthetic look with a work of art. This could be hand-painted graffiti on a wall, a fancy sculpture or designer seating. This is how you set a strong, personal accent outdoors.

trendy furnishing ideas bar corner blue closet

Create a great bar corner at home

Create a small bar-Zone in the living room, where you can prepare a drink after a stressful day at work and enjoy it on the terrace. Opt for a closed base cabinet and simple upper shelves in trendy colors.

Painting trendy interior decoration ideas

Hang your artwork close to the floor

Usually the paintings hung at eye level. Think outside the box and break the generally applicable norms! Hang pictures close to the floor where space allows.

Terrace in purple trendy furnishing ideas design garden

A main color outdoors

Regardless of whether you have a large terrace or a small garden, you take care of the design optics in the outdoor area. Choose a pleasant color and set great accents on the exterior in the corresponding color concept. The blooming plants should harmonize in color. Your guests will not believe that you created this treasure yourself outside.

trendy interior design ideas in baige living room

Combine different patterns in the same colors

Textiles or works of art with the same patterns can look cute, but the risk of overdoing it is very great. For this reason, designers recommend combining different patterns in the same colors. This is how you create a modern and balanced look in the room.

trendy interior ideas large picture in the living room counter

Hang a large picture in the living room and this way you set a stylish accent in the ambience

colorful ceiling geometric pattern trendy interior ideas

Paint the ceiling in geometric shapes and use bright colors for a fun mood

trendy interior design ideas red wardrobe luxury boutique

Turn your closet into a luxury boutique

Living room trendy furnishing ideas simple design

Keep a simple design concept

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