16 stunning dining rooms where you can celebrate with family and friends every weekend

In this article we want to help you to design a cozy and functional dining room, where you can invite your friends to dinner or the next Sunday party. In addition, all of these designs are so appealing that your children can join in and let off steam! Follow our design tips and get inspired for a breathtaking dining room!

Moderne Hängeleuchte schlicht und praktisch

Small things that have a big effect – a gold-shimmering pendant lamp above the dining table

  1. You need statement lighting

It’s clear – the dining room needs well-designed lighting that reveals more than a thousand words about your style and taste. To make your dining room look cozy, it doesn’t mean that you’d rather go without a cool wall light. When it comes to lighting, you really have a wide range of options. Take a look at our picture example: this shiny gold globe hangs directly above the dining table and sets the tone in the room! A trio of such eye-catching pendant lights would look just perfect above a larger dining table or a chic kitchen island and would definitely steal the show in your dining room.

Esszimmer Esstisch Holz Esstischstühle

Different pieces of furniture, different styles? That’s fine!

  1. Start with a dining table that you love.

The days when you absolutely wanted a furniture set in the dining room and all the details were well coordinated have been completely forgotten. Now something else applies to the rule in interior design – the variety of styles in a room is desirable! So find a table that you like best, like this one in the country house style in our photo, and then surround it with chairs, richly decorated and upholstered.

Esszimmer Holz Esstisch Plastikstühle

Transparent plastic chairs are not only intended for children, they also go well with a sturdy wooden dining table

  1. Transparent plastic chairs are back in trend

We all dream of a perfectly furnished and clean dining room where the toddlers do not leave any traces of dirt or food scraps. That’s what the transparent plastic dining chairs are for! These can be easily wiped off and they look like new again! So great for children! Then you can mix a rich variety of textures, for example matt painted walls, a polished table and jute window blinds.

Holzbank weiche Sitzkissen

You can spend hours with friends and family in this rural atmosphere

  1. A block of wood in the dining room? Yes why not?

If you have inherited a richly decorated country-style dining table from your great-grandmother, you can turn it into an eye-catcher in your dining room. A matching wooden bench would round off this unique and natural look. You could add seat cushions for additional seating comfort.

Bistro Stühle Vintage Sitzbank

Bistro chairs and a vintage bench can be wonderfully paired around the country dining table

  1. A country-style breakfast nook would be suitable for every meal

Your breakfast nook can be infused with additional vintage charm if you combine bistro metal chairs and other country-style seating.

gemütliche essecke

Enjoy every meal in a cozy and stylish atmosphere

  1. Dine comfortably with family and friends

Place a low kitchen corner sofa and add a rectangular dining table! Such a good idea, isn’t it? Just look for the corner sofa in an easy-care fabric so that you can easily clean everything there!

Holztisch Stühle

A moderate amount of sun would be a must in any dining room

  1. Better to eat in a sunny place

A sunny spot in the dining room, possibly by the large window or perhaps outside on the veranda could work wonders! You are in a better mood every day, forget the stress of everyday life and enjoy the good company around you! In such an atmosphere, cooking is not difficult at all and every meal turns into a real pleasure!

Esszimmer schwarz weiß Möbel ideen

The classic color duo has proven to be very successful for stylish dining rooms

  1. Design the dining room in black and white

The eternal color duo black and white can be the basis of your color design in the dining room. Start with it and only then set a few playful accents such as those in green and yellow. Here you can be sure of the WOW effect!

gelbe Stühle Akzente modern ideen

Put a few accents in the dining room and make it even more enticing

  1. The mix & match principle in room design always leads to effective results

You can specifically pair a vintage wooden table with modern dining chairs and achieve a breathtaking design in the dining room! Then let an interesting lamp hang from the ceiling directly above the dining table and you can be totally sure of your success!

dekokissen stuhlkissen sitzkissen

The plaid pattern introduces more color and dynamism into your dining room interior

  1. Plaid for more color

Give formal seating a playful touch by dressing it up in cheerful colors. The classic plaid can help in this regard, you can use a suitably checked and fun colored fabric for the chair seat cushions and introduce a lot of color and cheerfulness into your dining room!

Wandgestaltung im Esszimmer

Hang a great work of art on the wall at eye level and complete the room look

  1. Hang an oversized art piece on the wall in the dining room.

Get inspiration from the picture shown here! A bigger art piece hanging on the wall in the dining room will grab everyone’s attention! Our extra tip: Don’t hang the picture too high, rather so that it is at eye level and you can fully enjoy it while eating.

Haengeleuchte Esstisch modern Ideen

Simplicity goes hand in hand with elegance

12: Choose table decorations in subtle colors

Be creative with the table decorations on the dining table, they don’t have to stand out or immediately catch the eye. Better to choose a few accessories in the subtle color palette.

Esszimmer Vintage Esstisch Sitzbank goldglänzende Hängeleuchten

Dining room vintage dining table bench gold-shining pendant lights

  1. Play with opposing styles

Do not be afraid to pair rustic and luxurious design elements and create a special look in your dining room in this way. The combination of a sturdy wooden table, a vintage wooden bench and circular gold-shining hanging lamps appears surprisingly polished and fresh at the same time.

Esszimmergestaltung schöne Esszimmermöbel

Use contrasting colors and create a timeless dining room design

  1. Use contrasting colors for a timeless appearance in the dining room

White chairs are set against a dark wooden table and set the tone here. What is their effect? A clean color palette with a fresh note that appears timelessly classic.

Marineblau Weiß Strandhausgestaltung

A beach house has to be decorated in a beach house style!

  1. Make a beach house look like a beach house, naturally!

Maritime touches in dining room design are in again! These are a must, especially in a beach house! Design your room in blue and white and let it appear dreamy and romantic!

wanddeko teller ideen

A nicely designed dining room could take anyone’s breath away

  1. Bring a special flair to the dining room

This dining room is simply irresistible! Only a tablecloth and beautiful wall decoration plates make it so special! And pleasant for the eye and the palate!

In addition, this dining room design is very easy to imitate. Incidentally, like all of our design ideas for a breathtaking dining room! But which one did you like the most?

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