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20 inspiring bedrooms with wooden wall panels

The energy of wood as Decorative material in the interior design is very positive and brings a delicate touch of nature into the interior. It looks warm and inviting and creates a great cozy atmosphere in every room. The different types of wood have a variety of colors – from light white-yellow (such as linden and ash) and delicate creamy nuances (such as beech), through robust shades (such as oak and walnut) to the dark little color. The lighter types of wood create a fresh and airy flair in the room. The darker wood nuances have a particularly dramatic charisma and spread a luxurious note in the ambience. This wide range of wood colors allows you to create fascinating design ideas in your home. The types of wood differ from one another in their peculiar grain, which gives the ambience even more charm.

In this article, we’ll show you 20 inspiring bedrooms with wooden wall panels to convince yourself that wood doesn’t always mean “country style”. The wooden panels can be inscribed equally well in modern, minimalist and classic interiors. Take a look at our suggested images and choose the best wood panel wall cladding for your bedroom.

bedroom wall panels corner window table lamp

Wall panels made of wood in the bedroom look very cozy

Wall panels in various sizes and wood nuances can be found on the market. The rectangular boards with click system are very easy to assemble. Choose light-colored wall panels for small rooms, as well as for rooms facing north or east that receive little sunlight during the day and appear quite dark. The darker wood nuances are ideal for larger rooms as well as for those with a sunny location to create a balanced atmosphere.


Scandinavian style bedroom with wooden wall panels

The wooden panels in the bedroom are not just a trendy wall design that is an undisputed eye-catcher in the room. They are also a very practical solution for your convenience. Usually the wooden boards are mounted behind the bed headboard or they replace it entirely. This way you won’t feel the cold wall at all when you are sleeping or lying in bed as the wood is a “warm” material. In addition, the wooden panels are not used up as quickly compared to the painted walls.


Country style in the bedroom

The finishing of the surface of the wall panels also plays an important role in the selection. Finely sanded or roughly processed boards look great and go well with different styles. Furniture wax and oil are the best solution for coating the wooden panels in your bedroom as they do not contain harmful substances. But you should recoat the boards every year. If you go for lacquered wood panels that you don’t have to work on every year, you definitely prefer water-based lacquer.


Square wall panels in the bedroom made of cherry wood

The wall panele can consist of very small parts, as well as large squares or even larger whole plates. Depending on their shape, you can mount the wall panels horizontally, vertically or in a mosaic look on the wall. Before you cover the wall with the wooden boards, arrange a few panels on the floor to be sure that this order, color and shape is exactly what you like best.

Attic-bedroom-wall-panels-wooden boards

Stylishly decorate the bedroom wall with wood

The wall sought not to look monotonous. The different colored wall panels in similar warm nuances with gray accents create a very cozy and warm atmosphere in the bedroom. If the bed linen and the carpet are in harmony with the wall covering, you will enjoy a harmonious and balanced flair in the bedroom.


Wall panels in light nuances make the room appear fresh and visually enlarge it


Combine dark furniture with a light wooden wall

bedroom rustic wall panels retro look

Rustic wall cladding in the bedroom


Modern bedroom with wooden wall panels

bedroom-in-classic-style-wooden boards-wall panels

Classic style bedroom with white painted wood wall cladding

modern-wall-design-bedroom-wall-panels-pendant lamp

The wall panels can be a strong accent in the interior of the bedroom

bedroom retro look wise wall panels

Light wall panels create a great airy atmosphere in the bedroom

luxury bedroom wall panels bedside table lamp

Combine the wall panels in the bedroom with the bedside cabinets


Bring a fresh touch to the bedroom with white wooden panels


Creative wall design in the bedroom made of wooden panels


Bright rooms also allow very dark wall cladding


Vertical wall panels in light green


Unique bedroom with wooden wall and ceiling paneling


Horizontally mounted wooden wall panels in gray-brown shades


Minimalist bedroom with gray wooden wall panels

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