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20 room furnishings prove that black furniture is enchanting

Sometimes black is so attractive! And some people wonder why that is. It’s very easy to explain. Firstly, black exudes sublimity and secondly, the color is always a perfect background on which all other shades come out really brightly.
There are numerous options available for interior design at home. A room entirely in white or a Scandinavian design in light pastel nuances and with a few wood accents are undoubtedly very popular and in demand by many house owners.
But today we want to show you something totally different. Regardless of whether you want to furnish a large, bright room or a small, cozy room, we will show you right away that you can rely on black in both cases. Because dark furniture and dark walls add a lot of color to any ambience and make it look more expensive. Stay tuned and scroll down, because 20 great picture examples await you here that will totally convince you that black can go well in any interior.

Spread black accents here and there in the room

hanging chair-black-furniture

Having a black hanging chair in the living room is certainly amusing!

A bright living area can be upgraded with a few black accents. We see that very clearly in this kitchen and living room. There is a black board on one wall, on which you can write something urgent. Black bar stools and a trendy hanging chair add a new dose of modernity to the room. In order to break up the color duo black and white, interesting ethnic elements have also been thought of, which reinforce the rustic-modern feeling in the room.

Are you getting an appetite for something tasty right away?


Everything has been designed perfectly here!

Oh, this half black, half white dining room is really adorable, isn’t it? The dining chairs don’t go perfectly two by two, but they sit nicely around the round white table. The elegant look is rounded off by a maroon carpet. Oh, another plus point has to be mentioned: the seat cushions and throws made of faux fur give you the opportunity to sit comfortably and enjoy your meal.

Black and white floor tiles


The checkered pattern in black and white immediately catches the eye

The back wall of the kitchen is finished in glossy black and makes the whole kitchen look super chic. Half of the floor, exactly in the cooking area, is laid with geometrically patterned tiles in black and white. The other part of the kitchen floor is made of wood, which harmonizes wonderfully with the wooden worktops. The end result is a space that is alluring.

Gray-black with wood accents


A chic designed living room

Wood is actually present in every room, we only try to bring out its natural beauty better within a certain design. That’s the case right here!
Open wooden shelves above the gray chest of drawers, a wooden table on a gray floor, a black chair and some made of wood, a black hanging lamp that immediately attracts the eye. But nobody has the feeling for a jumble of colors. On the contrary, everything here looks perfectly combined.

A cozy bedroom in a black and white tartan pattern


The tartan is in again!

Checks and tartans are in again! You notice that immediately in this cozy bedroom, which is mainly designed in the classic color duo. The seat and decorative cushions made of faux fur make it look even more interesting.

A mid-century design or not quite?


a modern dining room with a bit of flair from the middle of the last century

How do you find black dining room walls? In this room only one wall is painted black and gives the whole ambience a sublime note. No, we are not back in the middle of the last century because the dining room actually looks very modern. Elegant wooden dining table, chic chairs in black and above a golden chandelier that steals the whole show.


It’s all about the details!

Yes, one wall is painted navy blue in this bedroom. But it doesn’t bother us, does it? Because the room looks really adorable. What is its charm? In the small details, of course, they make the whole picture so enticing! Just one more thing: have you seen the hanging baskets? They undoubtedly bring a fresh, green note to the ambience! Exactly, it’s the little details that count!

If you enjoy working from home


Elegant home office where you like to work

Sure, there’s nothing special about a black desk, but the two chairs make it so alluring. They have a unique design, are rounded off with comfortable pillows and even a warm throw blanket can be seen there. So this is a comfortable place to work at home!

Somewhat glamorous in beige and black


Which color do you want to choose for your new sofa?

When it comes to choosing the color for the sofa, many people choose black, because it looks more neutral in this case. It even enhances the glamorous look in this otherwise bright living room. The decorative pillows have been chosen very carefully and reveal the creative thinking of the room occupants.

Rustic, boho style or just chic?


A boho style living room can look so cozy

Opt for a smoky gray colored couch and no matter what color you pair it with, it will appear very expressive. White brick walls and a light floor covering let the dark couch come into its own even better and act as a special eye-catcher in the room.

Take a look at our other picture examples and see for yourself that black can have an enchanting effect.

We wish you a lot of fun!










living room-decoration-ideas-black-furniture

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