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24 interesting ideas for cozy tea hours during the run-up to Christmas

Christmas is coming soon and we are all looking forward to it. Now is the best time to meet old and new friends, organize cozy chat hours and exchange interesting decorative ideas, cooking recipes and gift ideas. If you are also in the same mood, you have come to the right place, because we have prepared a lot of nice things for you. We know that most Germans prefer coffee to tea and enjoy having coffee with friends and family. But today we want to present you with interesting ideas on how to have a great tea party at home. Because in the cold weather, one particularly likes to drink the warming drink with friends. Your tea party should actually be something very special, because it is being organized in the run-up to Christmas. But before you invite friends, relatives and neighbors to a tea party, you need to think about how you can really make it more special and cozy. How you can decorate your home for a tea party in the run-up to Christmas is shown in the following lines and with the help of many beautiful pictures. Stick with it and get new ideas for inspiration from us!


A tea service in the typical Christmas colors of white and red with small green accents is a wonderful choice!


It’s Christmas everywhere!


Your dining table also needs to be decorated depending on the occasion – beautiful tea lights make the party even more cozy

Suitable decoration for the Christmas tea party

We’d rather leave it up to you to choose the best type of tea for the party. We focus on other details that add a lot to the cosiness of a tea party. First and foremost here is the right tea service. Choose one that suits the style of your tea party. The mood you want to achieve depends on this. Could it be a vintage silver set or do you prefer a more modern design in red and white? In the run-up to Christmas, your tea party can be all white and that just hits the Christmas spirit. For this reason, a tea set all in white is a successful choice. But many people try to break the traditional framework and want a more modern tea party. Then choose a somewhat fancy tea service that also looks cute. You can hang the teacups on the fir tree or display them in another creative way. Try to integrate the tea service into your Christmas decorations and you will create great arrangements.


Bring practical and decorative items under one name and hang the teacups on the Christmas tree!


If you want to keep your tea warm longer

Christmas table-all-in-white-decorated

A tea party all in white is very appropriate and very successful

vintage silver tableware

Decorate and enjoy – this is the key to a successful tea party just before Christmas


Organize a vintage style tea party


It’s Christmas time and the silver dishes have to go!


It smells like Christmas!


And it tastes accordingly … Christmassy!

Snacking and drinking tea

At a tea party, there is a lot of chatting, tea and eating. Treats are simply part of it. In the run-up to Christmas you have limitless possibilities to surprise your friends and family members with something super delicious. Candy canes for the children, irresistible truffles, gingerbread and cookies now decorate the table and spread pleasant aromas of cinnamon, cardamom, roasted almonds, raisins…. The traditional Christmas sweets have to be present here. You can add a personal touch to the rich offer and prepare appropriately decorated sugar cubes, and put berries and ripe fruit on the Christmas table. This enriches the atmosphere of your tea party and leaves good impressions on your guests.


Cookies and other goodies are part of the tea party decoration


Do you have an appetite for something sweet?


Tea or coffee? It always tastes good!









serving board full of sweets


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