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25 ideas for house numbers on modern houses

Modern contemporary architecture is strongly characterized by minimalism, which is why one would rather do without unnecessary things on the house facade. On the one hand this is not always possible and on the other hand there are small things that we accept as necessary. For example the house numbers. Such signs must be on every house because they provide important information. House numbers, however, shouldn’t look like a thorn in the side or look boring. Do you also know the problem? Well, that’s why we decided today to show you 25 bold house number ideas. All of these are perfectly designed and done in a modern style.

This subtle design cannot be overlooked.

moderne Hausarchitektur

Our picture examples are particularly up-to-date, in most cases minimalist. We are talking about a style that began in the 20th century and is in great demand today. The chic designs of the modern house numbers adorn house facades and are real highlights, so that they cannot be overlooked. Although these are not intended for the interior at all, they fulfill an important function outside and give the outside area a stylish touch.

The house number adorns the front door and is in harmony with the interior design.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern

  • Modern house numbers attached directly to the walls

We start with a cool idea that fits the modern house architecture exactly. The numbers of the house numbers that are attached directly to the walls look minimalist and stylish. And here we don’t just mean house walls. You can place your house numbers on the front gate, on a low wall in front of the house or on the fence. In short, wherever they can be seen clearly. In this way you also give your outdoor space a somewhat private touch. If it’s one wall of your home, it can be next to the front door on the porch. You can also put the numbers on the front door. no matter whether it is a sliding or sliding door.

The house numbers are in the right place on the house wall in the immediate vicinity of the entrance door.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern unmittelbar an der Haustür platziert

To make this even more eye-catching, you can place a couple of modern tubs with green plants in front of it.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern Kübeln mit Grünpflanzen davor

Such a design is really to be envied.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern schönes Design beste Idee für Hausnummer und Blumenkasten

  • Match house numbers and modern flower boxes

We are now going one step further and show you how you can add a touch of green to your outdoor area in general and the house number design in detail. To do this, you have to build a small flower box yourself. If you don’t have the necessary manual skills, then you’d better buy one. In specialist shops you can currently also find very modern flower boxes that are sure to fit in well with your concept. Even if you don’t have a garden, this is where you can show off your skills in tending to beautiful green plants.

You can build a small box for succulents and hanging plants yourself.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern kleiner Kasten mit Sukkulenten und Hängepflanzen

First you have to find a suitable place for the flower box, of course next to the house number. This is very easy to do, especially on modern homes. Then estimate the light-shadow conditions there and choose flowers accordingly. Succulents, cacti, green hanging plants and even blooming flowers come into question here. It would be best if these are easy to care for and drought tolerant. Don’t forget to create a strong contrast between the background and the numbers to make them stand out better.

A strong contrast between the house wall and the sign with the flower box is desirable.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern starker Kontrast mit dem Hintergrund

The lighting of the house number should not be underestimated.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern gute Beleuchtung nicht unterschätzen

It is definitely necessary at night!

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern gute Beleuchtung nachts

  • Modern signs with house numbers

Last but not least, we also show a traditional idea, namely a sign with house numbers. This can also decorate the house facade, provided it is done in the same style as the house. In addition, such traditional signs are easy to make yourself. For example made of wood with metal numbers on it. Make sure there is a contrast between your numbers and the wood, otherwise the numbers will not display well. Another interesting idea is to make an aged metal sign with cut out numbers on it. This design is from the middle of the 20th century and looks a bit rustic and modern at the same time.

Metal sign with cut-out numbers on it – a rustic design that also looks modern.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern Metallschild mit ausgeschnittenen Ziffern rustikales Design

Rustic and modern go hand in hand here.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern rustikal und modern zugleich

Now take another 2-3 minutes and take a look at our picture gallery with house numbers on modern houses! You are sure to find the design that suits your home.

Modern house architecture with a matching house number on the front.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern moderne Hausarchitektur passende Hausnummer vorne

The house number can also be attached to the garage door.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern am Garagentor angebracht

… or directly on the fence.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern direkt am Holzzaun

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern direkt am Zaun angebracht Fahrrad daneben

There is always a suitable place for these digits.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern Ziffern neben der Eingangstür

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern Garage im Hintergrund

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern rustikal und modern zugleich ideen

If you like the rustic style …

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern im rustikalen Stil

…. Or do you prefer the modern design?

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern modernes Design gut beleuchtet

Many homeowners want a minimalist designed sign on their house facade.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern minimalistisch designter Schild an der Hausfassade

Best combined with a flower box.

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern mit Blumenkasten kombiniert

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern Blumenkasten grüne Pflanzen

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern auf Holz neben der Eingangstür

And how do you like in design? This is definitely our favorite!

Hausnummern an modernen Häusern mit Blumenkasten und schönen Blumen

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