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25 unique and somewhat unusual house number ideas

House numbers are a must for every home. Not only do they show the address, but they also indicate the homeowner’s style. The house numbers can decorate the house facade and even flaunt the preferences of the house residents. It is obvious that the practical and the aesthetic can be successfully combined in a house number design. Based on this idea, we want to show you unique and somewhat unusual house number ideas in today’s post. You can further encourage the selected pictures to get a similar house number or to create one yourself. Your style and taste are then definitely coded in it, which reveal your true personality.

Here you still feel welcome at the entrance gate.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern aus Metall

  • House numbers as part of the front yard landscape

Integrate your house numbers into the landscape of the front yard. For this purpose, you need to place a post in your front yard and write your house number directly on it. If you want to make this design even more attractive, then you can hang one or several flower pots on the post. This is sure to attract attention and cannot be overlooked by anyone. The next picture illustrates the end result.

The house number is on the post and is surrounded by beautiful garden flowers.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern Pfosten im Vorgarten

Here comes another unusual idea for a unique house number design. You can find a large stone or rock and stamp or carve house numbers on it. You can determine the size of the digits and their design yourself. Then put the stone outside in the front yard. If you are also thinking of suitable lighting, you will make this design idea for unusual house numbers even more interesting. It is important that the house number is easy to see, day and night. Here’s a perfect example of that.

The house number is on a large stone and is illuminated at night.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern auf einem großen Stein

The house number is here on the retro sign, which is attached to a tree.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern Retro Schild an einem Baum

In the country, people like to combine the sign with the house number with beautiful flowers in a pot, box or bucket.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern Schild mit Hausnummer s

  • House numbers on the house facade

It is common for house numbers to decorate the house facade. With those on modern houses, one opts for minimalist designs that fit seamlessly into the house facade. The country houses, on the other hand, offer you a wider range of design options for house numbers. This is also where you can better express your creativity. The house numbers can be retro-style, attached to a house wall or hang directly on the garden fence. You can create unique house numbers from wood, greenery or colored stones and put them in the limelight. Of course, you can paint the numbers on the front door or place them on a planter or flower pot not far from the front door.

White numbers on a grass-green background hang next to the front door.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern weiße Ziffern auf grasgrünem Hintergrund neben der Haustür

These house numbers can be seen from afar.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern an der Haustür mit einem Blumenkranz geschmückt

Made from moss and attached to the garden fence.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern aus Moos am Gartenzaun angebracht

A masterpiece made of colored stones and panes of glass.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern ein Meisterwerk aus bunten Steinen und Glasscheiben

House numbers decorate the front door and the house facade.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern schmücken die Eingangstür und Hausfassade

A flower box can be presented in this way….

Ausgefallene Hausnummern auf Blumenkasten vor der Tür

…. Also an interesting arrangement with flower pots.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern interessantes Arrangement mit Blumentöpfen

  • House numbers on planters

The last two pictures give us another idea for unusual house numbers. If you want to decorate your porch or outdoor area with pots, you can write your house number on it. For this purpose, choose waterproof colors that are bright enough and easily catch the eye. This is a cool design idea that is easy to implement and brings a lot of natural charm to the outdoor area. You can change the plants in the tubs and pots depending on the season or personal preferences and always have something unique outside that pleases the eyes. You could even arrange a few pots with matching numbers on them and get real eye-catchers with house numbers.

Blue pots show the house numbers.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern blaue Übertöpfe grüne Pflanzen

Ausgefallene Hausnummern beige Übertöpfe grüne Pflanzen

The wooden planter can also be turned into an eye-catcher.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern Pflanzkübel aus Holz in Hingucker verwandeln

In our picture gallery you will find numerous other ideas for your house numbers and can draw new inspiration from them. Scroll down and admire the way in which you can add a totally individual touch to your home. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

This concrete house number welcomes visitors meters from the front door.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern aus Beton im Vorgarten platziert

If you want to create something simple yourself….

Ausgefallene Hausnummern drei Holzpfosten simples Design

Great idea for all do-it-yourselfers!

Ausgefallene Hausnummern tolle Idee zum Nachmachen

House number on the concrete floor of the driveway.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern auf dem Betonboden der Einfahrt

Ideas for unusual house numbers – here as a hanging sign on the front door

Ausgefallene Hausnummern Hängeschild an der Haustür

Ausgefallene Hausnummern Mülltonne daneben schöne Blumen im Hängekorb

The house number is on an oar and expresses the homeowner’s hobby.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern auf Ruder neben der Haustür

Unusual house numbers can be designed according to your own taste.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern eigenes Design auf Betonhintergrund

Fish-shaped signs look cool.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern fischförmige Schilder

House numbers on old plates certainly attract everyone’s attention.

Ausgefallene Hausnummern auf alten Tellern

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