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3 alternatives to curtains

Move, new apartment and finally you are done with furnishing – or are you? If you sit on the sofa and let your gaze wander, it inevitably sticks to the still bare windows.

These empty spaces are rather unsightly, not only from a decorative point of view. Summer is just around the corner and you can already guess how hot it will be in the room when the sun is shining with all its might. It is also annoying to have to switch off the light every time you move in order to avoid becoming the neighbors’ evening program.

So a solution has to be found: When it comes to curtains on the window, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic curtain. But does it always have to be curtains? When searching the Internet, we inevitably come across a lot of suggestions for designing the windows to our liking. 3 alternatives to curtains are to be presented here:

Es gibt moderne Alternativen zur klassischen Gardinen

There are modern alternatives to classic curtains that you can also consider as privacy and sun protection


Who does not know her? The beautiful folds that give the skirt and dress that certain something. But what works with clothing also turns out to be suitable for the window. The pleated window is not only incredibly decorative and modern, but also extremely practical and diverse. The pleated blinds offer optimal light, privacy and heat protection and all of this in extremely attractive packaging. As you scroll through the Google results, you will sooner or later discover pleated blinds from Sensunathat convince with their elegant designs and beautiful colors. Perhaps you can already see one or two pleated blinds decorating the windows in your living room in your inner eye?

One more thing should be briefly mentioned here and this applies in particular to all those who are not particularly fond of manual work: There is the option of doing without screws, drilling, etc. during assembly. Another plus point: There are no annoying holes – probably also to the delight of your landlord. Clamping or gluing are the magic words here. The experts at heimtextilien.com explain exactly how this works.

schöne Fensterdekoration

Elegant privacy and sun protection and beautiful window decoration in one

Roller blind

Of course, the roller blind should not be missing from this list. Why? Well, if the curtain is the classic on the window, especially when it comes to decoration, then the roller blind is the typical choice when it comes to functionality in window hangings. And there is a reason for this: the roller blind successfully and reliably banishes the summer heat, the light of the morning sun and curious neighbors glances from the room.

Dezente Farben verstärken den visuellen Effekt des Fensterrollos

Subtle colors enhance the visual effect of the window blind

So far so good – but optics are also important when it comes to feeling good. If you look around you will find that roller blinds nowadays have a lot to offer in terms of appearance. When it comes to colors, patterns and motifs, there is hardly anything left to be desired. Then the only question left to be answered is whether the bedroom should have classic stripes, romantic scattered flowers or more abstract patterns on the roller blind …

Eine richtige Vielfalt an Farben Mustern und Motiven

You can choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns and motifs


They are everywhere. In doctors ‘offices, in the office and if you remember back that way – the teachers’ room also had slats on the window

Now you are probably wondering why lamellae appear in this list? Until now, slats have only been of interest when it comes to closing them in the office so that the computer screen doesn’t dazzle any further.

But that is exactly where your advantage lies. The flexibility of slats enables the incidence of light to be determined individually. Another reason why slats are incredibly practical? They efficiently cover large glass fronts. So it is hardly surprising that we mostly come across this type of window decoration in public areas. But why not use this advantage at home too? One argument could be: They look bland and boring. But anyone who dares to venture into the world of window fashion will quickly be convinced of the opposite. Slats are available in a wide variety of colors. Tasteful patterns and motifs can also be found. So how about giving lamellas a second chance, maybe one or the other will be convinced of it.

Lamellen feiern ihr großes Comeback als Sicht und Sonnenschutz zu Hause und im Büro

Slats are celebrating their big comeback as privacy and sun protection at home and in the office

By the way, it’s very easy to do on the previously mentioned page Heimtextilien.com. Here you will find all three alternatives and more. And while you’re there, keep an eye out for that Sensuna Symbol. These products convince with their high quality made in Germany at fair prices and with very short delivery times. So, just take a look for yourself!

Lamellen – ansprechend und sehr praktisch zugleich

Slats – attractive and very practical at the same time

Das Fensterrollo bietet den besten Sicht und Sonnenschutz

The window blind offers the best privacy and sun protection

Auch Ihre Dachwohnung muss vor den grellen Sonnenstrahlen gut geschützt sein

Your attic apartment must also be well protected from the glaring rays of the sun

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