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3 creative and innovative ideas for designing your new kitchen

What is the main role of the kitchen? It is seen as a place of cleanliness, wellbeing and togetherness. You can use these properties in the country house style as well as in the modern furnishing style.

Are you looking for a unique, timeless kitchen design? Today we present original ideas for your dream kitchen.

Let’s just start with the basic color in the kitchen, which sets a special accent in the entire kitchen design. The first variant is the combination of black and white as color contrasts, whereby small objects make the room appear fresh and lively.

Ikea country house modern white rustic faucet hanging lamp industrial simple tile mirror extractor hood kitchen ideas

Ikea furniture for your country kitchen – very modern in white with a rustic faucet

Here we have an excellent monochrome kitchen, all in white, which should rather remain in the background. The focus here is on the house owners and the delicious dishes that are cooked together.

Living ideas kitchen white kitchen system extractor hood windowsill high gloss modern kitchen ideas

This dream kitchen all in white has the necessary equipment

The other variant consists in choosing the same nuances for shelves, cabinets, frame and cabinet fronts. This effect contributes to the cozy kitchen look. In most cases, the kitchen wall is painted in light neutral tones. The wooden elements are typical of the country house style.

Country house white brown marble MDF countertops vanity kitchen ideas

Country kitchen again in white, but here designed with brown MDF worktops

Nowadays, no modern kitchen goes without tiles. Our photos show the elegance, robustness and easy care of the tile mirror. You can use it to create colorful or very simple designs, highlight this part of the kitchen or simply adapt it to the worktops, the surface of the kitchen island or the flooring. The possibilities are multifaceted and almost endless.

Living ideas country kitchen wood chair countertop extractor hood recessed spotlights window bench modern gray white simple kitchen ideas

Living ideas for the country kitchen – lots of wood, a cozy window sill and modern extractor hood

You can get a blackboard or paint part of the wall black or green and use it to create an interesting-looking blackboard, on which you write down your weekly shopping list. The children could also use it to express their creativity, draw something beautiful and keep themselves busy while the food is being prepared. Friends can leave small messages for you on it. In this way, nobody in the house loses track of things, even on the little things.

Living ideas modern style kitchen white board wall kitchen board furnishing modern-kitchen ideas

The kitchen board actually turned out to be something quite useful

Sleek, modern designs and cozy country-style kitchens have their own charm. What is your idea? Decide based on your own tastes and personal preferences.

Home ideas kitchen country style countertops wood kitchen ideas

Living idea for your country-style kitchen

White french country kitchen recessed spotlights chandeliers candles kitchen system-kitchen ideas

French country kitchen designed predominantly in white

Living ideas country house style kitchen island white wood worktops kitchen system kitchen module hanging light modern tiled mirror kitchen ideas

The cooking island is in the middle of the kitchen area and combines a number of functions

Kitchen dining area classic french country style wooden vintage wall clock hanging cuhte patchwork dresser wicker basket kitchen ideas

Kitchen and dining area in a classic French country house style

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