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30 adorable ideas on how to stage succulents

We would say that all garden and houseplants are beautiful and delight our senses. But the succulents undoubtedly occupy a very special place among them. They are totally undemanding, extremely easy to care for and do very well both outdoors and indoors. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can still look after the knobbly water reservoirs. While cacti have spines, succulent leaves are thick-fleshed. Either there or in the trunk and in the roots, these plants store water. Therefore you only have to water it once a week, and moderately! But today we don’t want to write about succulent care. In the following we would like to show you how you can create enchanting arrangements with these thick leaves. Stick to it to get further inspiration for unique decorating ideas. We have collected 30 great examples of how you can stage succulents and make them eye-catchers! Do we want to get down to work together? Let’s go!

Showcase succulents: Every arrangement with the thick leaves is eye-catching!

Sukkulenten inszenieren

Clear the stage for the cute thick leaves!

Sukkulenten gekonnt inszenieren

Succulents are real all-rounders in decoration

Because of their undemanding care, succulents are ideal for decorating. Surprisingly, these come in very different shapes and colors. The wonderful thing about the thick leaves is that they thrive in very small planters. To put your succulents in the right scene, you just have to start with – choosing a suitable vessel for this decoration. And a planter is not always a planter. Succulents can also be planted in glasses, mugs, cups, bowls and even in old jugs, boxes and the like. The thick-leaved plants feel good everywhere. For a sophisticated look, you can use old teacups or bowls for this purpose. If you want to introduce a rustic touch to the room decoration, you can opt for wooden planters. Regardless of whether you place them inside on the dining table or window sill or rather outside on the veranda, the arrangements always cut a good figure. The next examples prove it.

A tall glass serves as a planter for the thick leaves.

Sukkulenten inszenieren hohes Glas Pflanzgefäß dickblätterige Pflanzen schöne Raumdekoration

These old glasses, full of moss and the perfect water reservoirs, are a great eye-catcher on the dining table.

Sukkulenten inszenieren drei alte Gläser voll mit Moos Dickblätter toller Hingucker auf dem Esstisch

In a glass bowl you can make a stylish arrangement with moss, greenery and succulents.

Sukkulenten inszenieren eine Glasschale stilvolles Arrangement mit Moos Grün

Enchanting table decorations for outside – the bowl and the jug are skillfully arranged with the thick leaves and convey a rustic feeling.

Sukkulenten inszenieren Tischdeko draußen Schale Krug mit Dickblättern arrangiert rustikales Gefühl

Some practical tips for your succulent decoration

We usually see succulents in rock gardens, where they feel great between stones and other sturdy plants. You can create the same feeling at home by making an arrangement with succulents. In a suitable container, for example made of concrete, you can also place a few small stones and plant succulents in between. In just a few weeks you will have an attractive decoration for your living room. The thick leaves hardly grow in height, they are basically small plants. Therefore, they can thrive even in a small space. Because of this, you can create miniatures that will attract everyone’s attention. For example, in a glass bowl or an old cup, the succulents look really eye-catching!

Very simple arrangement in a flower pot with a tealight in the middle that anyone can make.

Sukkulenten inszenieren einfaches Arrangement mit Teelicht in der Mitte im Blumentopf

The white bowl with succulents next to stacked books spices up the decoration on the console table.

Sukkulenten inszenieren weiße Schale auf dem Konsolentisch runder Spiegel gestapelte Bücher zwei Tischlampen

Sukkulenten inszenieren Teetassen Schalen Becher hervorragend als Pflanzgefäße

Extra tip: Be forewarned and don’t use clear containers for your succulents. It’s bad for the roots!

These funny looking terracotta planters with mustache are a fun and bold decoration idea.

Sukkulenten inszenieren komisch aussehende Terrakotta Pflanzgefäße lustige mutige Deko Idee

You can master some square and hexagonal planters made of wooden panels or those made of concrete for succulents and cacti yourself

Sukkulenten inszenieren quadratische sechseckige Pflanzgefäße runde Behälter aus Beton selber meistern

In the case of metal planters with pebbles, you have to ensure good drainage in any case.

Sukkulenten inszenieren Pflanzgefäße für draußen aus Metall mit Kieselsteinen gute Drainage

Make sure that there is good drainage when decorating with succulents

Succulents can be combined with cacti. Both plants are often confused, on the one hand because of their similar look, on the other hand because of the same growing conditions that both require. Succulents and cacti therefore have very similar requirements, so that they are often combined with one another. If you want a larger arrangement, then use a correspondingly larger container where you can plant succulents and cacti next to each other. Don’t forget to ensure good drainage. A drain hole at the bottom of the container is a must, as is a permeable bottom layer. For this, you can provide a layer of pebbles or lay some sand on the bottom of the planter. Although both types of plants do not need a lot of water and rarely need to be watered, any waterlogging would be fatal for them! That is why it is good to pay attention to good drainage with every arrangement.

Good drainage is particularly important for any decoration with succulents.

Sukkulenten inszenieren in einer Schale aus Beton Kieselsteine gute Drainage sichern

How do you like this design on the tiered stand?

Sukkulenten inszenieren auf Etagere schöner Blickfang viele Dickblätter

Where can I place the succulent arrangements?

If you’ve already got your succulent arrangement ready, it’s time to place it appropriately. This is also very important so that you can put the thick leaves in the limelight. Of course, a lot depends on the goal of your decoration. However, suitable places are, as usual, the dining and coffee table, the chest of drawers or a side table, the windowsill inside or outside. You can also create a hanging arrangement that inevitably attracts everyone’s attention. For example in an old cage, in a lantern or simply in a mason jar. The arrangements with driftwood are very interesting. A driftwood planter always looks natural and is a wonderful home for the succulents. You can also decorate the veranda outside and make the succulents an eye-catcher.

This white retro cage with moss and succulents of different species is a stylish decoration for indoors and outdoors.

Sukkulenten inszenieren weißer Retro Käfig mit Moos Dickblätter verschiedener Art stilvolle Dekoration für drinnen und draußen

… just like old wooden or metal vessels!

Sukkulenten inszenieren altes Holzgefäß Retro Note Deko für drinnen und draußen

Sukkulenten inszenieren altes Metallgefäß perfekte Deko für drinnen und draußen

This hanging arrangement is perfect!

Sukkulenten inszenieren hängendes Arrangement drei Töpfe Dickblätter perfekte Raumdekoration

This one too, by the way! The hanging baskets with succulents and green plants look stylish and chic and have a rustic flair.

Sukkulenten inszenieren Hängekörbe rustikales Flair stilvoll und schick für drinnen und draußen

The piece of driftwood offers natural accommodation for the thick leaves and is suitable as a decoration for indoors and outdoors.

Sukkulenten inszenieren Treibholzstück natürliche Unterkunft perfekte Deko für drinnen und draußen

Just be creative and you will definitely create a unique decoration with succulents. For more inspiration, you can now scroll down and view all of the sample images. Take the courage to do it yourself. Believe me, it’s really worth it!

Broken flower pots don’t necessarily have to be thrown away. You can use it to arrange something beautiful!

Sukkulenten inszenieren tolles Arrangement aus zerbrochenen Blumentöpfen aus Ton für draußen geeignet

Cacti and thick leaves are best roommates in this big old metal wagon.

Sukkulenten inszenieren beste Mitbewohner mit Kakteen im großen alten Metallwagen

An old tree trunk with thick leaves is a stylish arrangement and brings a rustic touch.

Sukkulenten inszenieren ein alter Baumstamm rustikale Note stilvolles Arrangement

Sukkulenten inszenieren ein Stück Baumstamm rustikale Note stilvolles Arrangement

This decoration is the definitive eye catcher in the living room!

Sukkulenten inszenieren Holz Dickblätter rustikale Note Eyecatcher im Wohnzimmer

… or on the dining table, whether inside or outside!

Sukkulenten inszenieren schöne Deko auf dem Esstisch für drinnen und draußen geeignet

There are succulents and cacti in abundance here!

Sukkulenten inszenieren mit Kakteen in Hülle und Fülle in verschiedenen Blumentöpfen

Sukkulenten inszenieren Zimmerpflanzen Metall Ständer hängende Deko

A monogram with succulents – a great decoration idea for events!

Sukkulenten inszenieren großes Monogramm weißer Metallrahmen perfekte Deko bei Veranstaltungen

Autumn decoration without pumpkins? Impossible! This pumpkin offers enough space for numerous thick leaves, cacti and moss.

Sukkulenten inszenieren Kürbis mit Moos Dickblätter prächtige Herbstdeko Hingucker für drinnen und draußen

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