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30 luxurious bathrooms with elegant marble accents

Marble in small or large bathrooms shouldn’t be taboo. This high quality material is a long-term investment and every penny is worth it. This natural stone has a fresh and elegant look with subtle veins in darker or lighter colors. The most commonly encountered types of marble are white with gray veins and black with white veins. You will also find exotic marble slabs in dark brown, baby pink, pale blue, light yellow, etc. The glossy surface of the marble creates an extremely luxurious atmosphere in the bathroom and your bathroom looks very elegant and of high quality without additional decoration.


Spacious bathroom in a classic style with wall cladding and marble flooring

The marble can be used in the entire bathroom – as wall cladding or flooring, as decoration for the base units, as a sideboard for the bathtub, as a washbasin top. You can accentuate just one wall with marble cladding, or you can beautifully dress the entire bathroom. The large marble slabs look very impressive, but the marble tiles are also a good idea if your budget is limited.


Marble and wood in the bathroom can be ideally combined with one another

In this article we will show you 30 bathroom designs where marble brings a luxurious flair to the ambience. Take a look at the imaginative picture gallery and develop your imagination for the upcoming renovation work at home.


Luxurious bathroom with marble wall cladding and a lush chandelier

luxury bathroom deco marble bathtub

Large bathroom with a comfortable bathtub next to the window

bathroom decor marble mirror

Small bathroom with white marble washbasin


Marble floor in a modern bathroom


The white marble wall cladding makes the small bathroom appear a little larger

luxury bathroom marble bathtub

Stylish bathroom with exquisite design


The marble floor will stay shiny and beautiful for years


Exotic bathroom with marble floor with brown veins


White-gray marble as wall cladding and flooring in the bathroom


Luxurious bathroom with wall cladding made of dark brown marble with white veins


Bathing in such a bath is a real pleasure

bathroom-deco-marble-base-cabinet-shower screen

Eccentric bathroom furniture with marble elements

luxury bathroom marble

Stylish bathroom with a simple shower screen made of glass

bathroom base cabinet marble flooring

Modern style bathroom with marble cladding in the shower cubicle

bathroom-mirror cabinet-base cabinet-marble-floor

Emphasize the elegant look of the marble in the bathroom with simple accents in black

luxury bathroom deco marble

Large bathroom with marble elements

bathroom-marble-freestanding-bathtub-stainless steel

The freestanding bathtub is the undisputed accent in this bathroom


Wall design in the bathroom made of black marble with white veins

luxury bathroom marble floor

Large marble tiles as flooring in the bathroom


Equip the bathtub with a great marble sideboard

bathroom base cabinet marble wall cladding

You can watch the natural beauty of the marble for hours, even in the bathroom

bathroom-base-cabinet-black-wall cladding-marble

Modern bathroom with luxurious marble wall cladding

crown lamp-bathroom-tiles-marble

The hidden lighting in the bathroom is a skilful design concept


Small bathroom with marble elements and white marble floor


Freestanding bathtub in black


Even just the sink top can be made of marble and will give the bathroom a great look

luxury bathroom floor marble

White is associated with cleanliness and this is the best color for your bathroom


A skilful mix of different textures in the bathroom – marble, wood, bricks and glass.

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