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30 wonderful ideas for the nursery

If you are in charge of furnishing or renovating a child’s room, you must first work out a solid plan for how you will get the design you want. It is best to create a to-do list and complete the individual points step by step. Think carefully about your concept and what kind of furniture you need for the children’s room. In no case do not underestimate the color scheme in the room, because it is precisely the color that defines the atmosphere there. And it is well known that a children’s room should be designed to be comfortable and playful. Because parents and children need just such a room, the interior design of which promotes the creativity and intellectual development of the little ones. Today we want to show you numerous ideas for children’s room design so that you can find inspiration in our picture gallery for your own design concept. For us, the color design plays the decisive role, not the furniture. We show you various possible uses from pink to navy blue and lime green to gray. You can choose the basic color according to your taste and refresh it with great color accents. There are again many design options open to you. In addition, you already have the necessary children’s room accessories that make the children’s room colorful and cozy. The colorful toys of your little ones, such as numerous plush toys, the funny colored children’s books and cheerful wall patterns can help you a lot in this regard. They usually bring so much color into the ambience and immediately turn into colorful highlights in the children’s room. With appropriately selected bedding, beautiful curtains or a soft carpet, you can also introduce color into the children’s room and round off the room look. And another important tip from us: design your children’s room so that you can easily remodel it in a few years. Because your little ones grow very quickly and will soon have completely different desires and needs. And you have to respond accordingly.


Setting up a cozy children’s room is in most cases not an easy task

A children’s room on the roof always looks very romantic, it would certainly appeal to both young and old. Choose a basic color that is as neutral as possible, such as gray, and try to introduce splashes of color into the ambience with colorful children’s books. Make the room colorful and inviting and your little ones will most certainly spend a lot of time playing, learning and sleeping.


Blue room walls and multi-colored bed linen, a brown soft carpet and white children’s furniture make the room look here

nursery ideas

Simple children’s room furnishings for more order in the room

Many parents want to have a good overview of the children’s room every day, which is why they opt for simple furniture that always ensures more order in the room. Can you see in the photo what a modern cot can look like? This loft bed is equipped with a ladder on one side and a slide on the other. Handy for toddlers, right? And then the focus was on the wall decoration. The result is impressive.

nursery bookshelf wall

Lots of storage space is also a perfect solution for more order in the nursery

creative-idea-children's room

Soft color schemes and well thought-out lighting are evidence of creative room design

furniture-children's room-design

Do you want to furnish the nursery yourself? Then make the furniture from pallets!

If you do not have enough budget to furnish your child’s room, this room is the place to show your skill and ingenuity. Make one or two cots yourself and enjoy your masterpiece!

In the following we present you some children’s room designs, where you play with the colors. They are all enchantingly beautiful and very practical at the same time. Browse through our photo gallery and let yourself be further inspired!

nice-idea-children's room

A nice children’s room with a few color accents

children's room-bookshelf-room-decoration

Subtle colors in the children’s room are always a hit!

creative-design-children's rooms

A children’s room to dream about!

children's room-with-cantilever

Comfortable children’s room from the roof – very romantic and dreamy designed in sea colors

children's room design ideas

Furnishing ideas children’s room


Children’s room design ideas

nursery boy bed

A space where your children can develop creatively


A perfect nursery for twins! Soft colors and creative touches


children's room furnishings-boy-themed

play corner children's room design idea

The play area can look like this and develop the imagination of your little ones

children's room-wise-decor-ideas

children's room-idea-white-purple-accents

gray-light-pink-couples-children's room

children's room furniture interesting decor

design-and-furnishing-ideas for children's rooms

children's room-design-ideas-deco-green-wall-colors


children's room-idea-wooden furniture

children's room wall shelves



baby room wall decoration

kids room decor ideas

Children’s room very romantic juicy fruity – colors watermelon decoration color harmony

beautiful-modern-children's room

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