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35 delightful bedside lamps for a cozy flair in the bedroom

The bedside table is a natural part of the decor of any bedroom. It is always placed next to the bed and offers practical storage options for everything that you want to have just a hand movement away. Every bedside table has a delightful bedside lamp that gives your very private room the finishing touch. These lights are the most important point for the calming look of the bedroom at night and give the room a romantic look during the day. In this article we are happy to show you 35 enchanting and highly modern bedside lamps that provide a cozy flair in every bedroom, regardless of its furnishing style. The general thing in all of our picture examples is that the bedside lamps are equipped with a lampshade in neutral colors, which emits a soft light and creates a mild look in the bedroom. Have fun browsing through our picture gallery. You will probably find your next bedside lamp among our suggestions.

bedside table-night lamp-bedroom-lamp-table lamp

A larger bedside table doubles as a desk in the bedroom

upholstered bench-black-bedroom-lamp-modern

Simple but very elegant bedside lamp with a fancy metal base


The dark lampshade spreads a weak light through the bedroom


For a larger bedside table in the bedroom, choose a more massive lamp


Romantic bedside lamp with ceramic base in light pink


Create a cozy reading corner in the bedroom

bedroom-maritime-optics-lamp-bedside table-lamp

The padded headboard offers more comfort in the bedroom


Elegant bedside lamp with a transparent glass base


Golden elements in the interior bring a great touch of luxury into the bedroom

bedroom-in-boho-style-lamp-bedside table

The bedside table should provide enough space for a lamp and nice decoration


Stylish lamps in the bedroom with marble feet

bedroom-lamp-mirror-puzzle-wall lamp

Futuristic lamp and puzzle of mirrors on the wall create a modern look in the bedroom


A colorful piece of art on the wall above the bed is a real eye-catcher


Elegant bedroom in Mediterranean style


Great bedside lamp with a rectangular lampshade and glass base


Cool bedside table with fronts made of mirrors


The wall lamp is a good source of light at night


Combine the table lamp with a reading lamp for more comfort in the bedroom

bedside table-black-bedroom-lamp-design

With a designer table lamp you set a really good accent in the bedroom


Upholstered furniture in the bedroom offers a pleasant opportunity to relax


Cool bedroom in blue, white and black – wonderful color combination


Proper lighting in the bedroom is very important for your relaxation


The exquisite design of the table lamp transforms the bedside table into a real eye-catcher

bedroom-modern-lamp-in-white-bedside table-with-drawers-and-doors

The table lamp as an exclusive decorative element in the bedroom


Decorate your bedside table with delicate flowers for a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom


Wall design in black transforms the bedroom into something very special


A retro floor lamp next to the bedside table is also recommended for the bedroom


Cozy bedroom in white


The light in your bedroom at night must not be glaring

bedroom-modern-practical-light-on-the-bedside table

Extravagant color concept of dark blue and strong purple in the bedroom

floral pattern-rattan-bedside-bedroom-lamp

Beautiful bedside lamp with a spherical foot

wooden bed-bedroom-lamp-bedside-lampshade-white

Cool bedroom with a stylish table lamp


The wall lamp in the bedroom gives you more free space on the bedside table

interior design-retro-look-bedroom-lamp

Bedside table with drawers in a retro look

bedroom-lamp-ceramic-foot-table lamp

The table lamp provides a soft light at night

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