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4 living trends that will make your visitors wonder

Jungle room

Don’t worry, you don’t have to adopt a monkey and take it home right away. But have you heard of the latest living trend in the jungle room? On the one hand, the indoor climate is improved by various exotic hanging plants. And on the other hand, you save space because your living room plants are now on an elevated level. This type of room design is particularly advantageous for people who live in a city. More and more people in cities are suffering from respiratory problems. So who wouldn’t look forward to a cozy evening with their loved ones in the air filtered by plants and thus clean. Tips and instructions for starting your own small rainforest can be found on numerous internet portals. There are no limits to your own creativity.

So you can create your very own individual little jungle in your own four walls, which will certainly make your visitors look big.



As a child, who didn’t beg their parents to buy him or her an aquarium? But the aquarium still exudes a great fascination for adults to this day. Imagine a jungle room with a stylish aquarium that is perfectly matched to its surroundings. Big or small, nobody will be able to escape the fascination of the fish in the jungle atmosphere. You can find a very good and assorted selection with top advice at the traditional company Aquael, for example. Aquael has been a specialist in the field of freshwater aquariums and garden ponds for over 35 years. If you are a beginner in the field of aquaristics and are not sure which aquarium to buy, this is not a problem. All the information you need to get started with The world of fish in the living room can be found at www.aquael-aquarium.de .



Japandi? Yes, exactly, the latest living trend from the Far East is currently causing a stir at international trade fairs. As the name suggests, behind this is a furnishing style characterized by Japanese tradition and values. This is mainly characterized by harmony and simplicity. Coupled with the Japanese precession, this style of living is an absolute eye-catcher.

With concise living accessories, such as bonsai plants or manga artwork, your living room can easily become a little Japan. You can relax in your own little Japan with a freshly brewed green tea and watch your new Koj fish in the aquarium. That certainly helps to forget the hectic everyday stress. And your visitors will surely pound them with questions about their new style of living.


Natural wood furniture

One of the top living trends for 2020 is definitely natural wood furniture. The mostly natural wooden furniture turns every living room into an oasis of well-being thanks to its individual charm. The warm colors that emanate from the furniture make your living room a place of rest and relaxation. Regardless of whether you prefer to furnish your living room in a vintage style or in a modern and classic style, the charisma of natural wood furniture can be combined with both. Functionality and durability can also be expected from furniture made from real wood. With the right care products, natural wood furniture can be enjoyed for a long time. Together with plants, but also accents from different metals, an excellent contrast to the wood of the furniture can be created. With little gimmicks you can implement your very own stylish living style.


And what will your guests say about a Japanese jungle living room with exotic fish in the aquarium? Admiration from all sides seems guaranteed to them.

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