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44 stylish and inspiring table decoration ideas for spring

Spring is already here and the beautiful weather outside also brings you in a better mood, isn’t it? Nature is awakening from its deep hibernation and everything around us is currently in bloom and green. It smells wonderfully of spring! In a colorful and atmospheric environment everyone can forget the winter depression and start the new season optimistically. In addition, in spring you want to celebrate with friends and relatives or just chat over coffee and cake. These are nice moments in close circle of friends and family that are simply part of our everyday life. And especially now in spring there is no lack of good occasions to organize such meetings. If you are looking for great ideas for a stylish table decoration, then you have come to the right place. We have prepared these for you and selected 44 wonderful pictures that support our decoration ideas. Stick with it and get inspired!

Pastel colors and delicate flowers bring spring into the house.

Stilvolle Tischdekoration zarte Blüten Pastellfarben

With white as the basic color and various shades of green, you can create an enchanting table decoration.

Frühlingshafte Tischdekoration weiß als Grundfarbe

White tulips in the vase, fine porcelain tableware and crocheted blankets give this table decoration a sublime look.

Stilvolle Tischdekoration weiße Tulpen in Vase feines Geschirr Häkeldecke

  • Stylish table setting in pastel colors

A spring-like table decoration is easy to create. First choose a style that suits your interior and personal preferences, then choose the colors you want and go! We strongly recommend using some pastel colors that are traditionally the spring colors. Light pink and sky blue, delicate nuances of yellow, purple and green are absolutely in at the moment. Of course, the classic white should not be missing in your spring-like table decoration, because it stands for cleanliness and innocence – two characteristics that definitely symbolize the new season. In short, welcome spring with bright colors! Choose light-colored napkins, tablecloths and runners, even the dishes have to be light-colored, including glasses and cutlery. Small splashes of color are allowed here, for example on the occasion of the upcoming Easter festival you need brightly colored eggs, beautiful egg cups, grass-green nests and small Easter bunnies. These are always a real eye-catcher in every table decoration and announce the Easter festival.

On the occasion of Easter, you can use your imagination and create unique table decorations.

Stilvolle Tischdekoration zu Ostern Nester und mit Hasen bemalte Teller

This is possible with little time and money.

Frühlingshafte Tischdekoration zu Osterfest Eier im Nest Tulpen in Vasen

White and light blue go perfectly together here.

Stilvolle Tischdekoration zu Ostern Eier

  • Beautiful spring flowers are a must for table decorations this time of year

Not only the Easter decorations, but also the wonderfully fragrant and beautiful-looking flowers make up the stylish table decorations in spring. Even a little more, these are an important part of it and should definitely not be missing on the festive table. Go for spring blooms or even bulbous plants and create a center piece that you like. Nature now presents us in abundance with her most beautiful gifts, so that everyone can draw from them with full hands. White tulips, sun-yellow daffodils and colorful hyacinths are available for your spring-like table decorations. Combine these early bloomers with some green moss on the table or with spring twigs in a vase and you have already created a breathtaking table decoration.

Yellow tulips immediately attract attention.

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration fest gedeckter Tisch gelbe Tulpen Blickfang

Flowers and tablecloth in visual harmony.

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Blumen Tischdecke gesättigte Farben

Flowers should definitely be present on your table!

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration blaue Kerzenhalter farbenfrohe Blumen in Vasen

The colors of the spring flowers vary from light to saturated and this gives you the perfect opportunity to choose the most suitable flowers for your table decoration. Consider the style of your interior design as well as the dominant color palette at home! So you can’t go wrong with the table decoration! It will definitely look bright, fresh and inviting, so that you and your guests will feel comfortable.

Now scroll through our picture gallery and let yourself be inspired for wonderful table decorations in spring! Then roll up your sleeves and try to imitate one or some of the decorating ideas. Our editorial team wishes you a nice spring and lots of parties indoors or outdoors!

Beautiful tulips and flower motifs on the table runner go hand in hand here.

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Tulpen schöne Blumenmotive

First-class crockery and cutlery, crystal glasses and colorful tulips decorate the festive table.

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration erstklassiges Geschirr Besteck Kristallgläser Tulpen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Tulpen Kerzen schöne Tischdecke erstklassiges Geschirr

It smells of lilac!

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Fliederzweige in Vase Blickfang

… and for roses!

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Rosen Hortensien in zarten Nuancen

For very cozy hours outside.

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration farbenfrohe Blumen schmücken den Festtisch draußen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Moos auf dem Tisch rote Tulpen in Vase

Celebrate spring with stylish table decorations!

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration gelb und blau in Kombination auffällig schön

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration stilvoll gedeckter Esstisch

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration festlich gedeckter Tisch Blüten in Violett

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration festlich gedeckter Tisch in Lila und Violett

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration klassisches Interieur

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Holztisch weiße Kerzen Tulpen Hyazinthen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration in Blau mit rosafarbenen Blumen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Zitronen zitronengelbe Servietten weiße Margeriten

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration rustikales Interieur Weidenkätzchen in Vase

frühlingshafte weiße Tischdekoration grüne Zweige in Vase

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration rustikaler Stil weiße Tulpen grüne Zweige in Vase

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration schöne weiße Blumen in Vase mit Wasser und Zitronenscheiben

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration weiß grau viele Tulpen schöner Anblick

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration mit bunten Frühlingsblumen und feinem Besteck

frühlingshafte weiße Tischdekoration bunte Blumen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration stilvoll gedeckter Tisch rosa Rosen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration weiß blau lila violett Kerzen Blumen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Untersetzer rosa Tulpen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration sehr ansprechend mit bunten Blumen in Vase

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration weiß und rosa im Einklang

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration Holztisch blau weiß dekoriert

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration lila Stoffserviette weiße Blume

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration farbenfroh dekoriert mit vielen Blumen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration grüner Teller rosa Tulpe Namenkarte

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration weiß gelb orange Geschirr Zitrone

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration blau und rosa in Kombination blühende Zweige

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration stilvoll gedeckter Tisch Vase mit Tulpen

frühlingshafte Tischdekoration weiß mit blauen Akzenten Stiefmütterchen Silberbesteck

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