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45 DIY Christmas decoration ideas that are easy to imitate and fun

Hello, dear DIY friends! Advent begins in two weeks, but the Christmas spirit can already be felt everywhere. Have you decorated your home so that you and your loved ones can feel the anticipation of the festival? Maybe you have the Christmas decorations from last year in the attic or do you want to make something new and unusual yourself? You know that homemade things always count! We can help you with this. As always, we have 45 great DIY Christmas decoration ideas ready for you that you can admire right away. Firstly, they are easy to imitate and, secondly, they are a lot of hobbyist fun for young and old. You can realize most of them together with your little ones, bring them great joy and put smiles on children’s faces. Roll up your sleeves because we’ll get to work!

The Advent season starts in just two weeks. Are you prepared for it?

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen rustikale Kerzenhalter aus Holz

  • DIY Christmas decor ideas that have rustic charm

This year, those DIY Christmas decoration ideas that combine the rustic and the festive are particularly in demand. Small decorative ornaments made of wood such as stars, light holders or tree decorations are easy to make. Collect enough handicraft material on your next walk in the park or on a weekend hike in the woods. You would need small tree branches, cones and fir green. You will definitely have aids such as buttons, scissors, glue gun, paints and sprays at home. Then nothing stands in the way of your creative handicrafts. Take a look at the following picture examples and let yourself be inspired!

This star can be tinkered in no time from small twigs and a little green. Perfect decoration for the Christmas tree or the mantelpiece.

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen rustikaler Schmuck Ornament aus kleinen Zweigen

Give an old wooden box a second chance and arrange pine cones in it decorated with artificial snow.

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen alte Holzkiste voll mit schneebedeckten Zapfen viel Grün

You can make a plate out of unusable wooden boards and decorate it with lights. Don’t forget to make a statement with it!

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Holzpalette Lichter Nachrichtfrohe Weihnachten

In most cases, the rustic charm is found in very small details.

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen rustikaler Schmuck an der Tür

A picture frame turns into an advent calendar. Make simple paper bags, label and decorate them and you’re done!

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Papiertüten Adventskalender im Rahmen

  • DIY Christmas decoration ideas that reinforce the festive mood

Christmas and New Year are big family celebrations for us, so it doesn’t work without a bit of sparkle and glitter. Our special advice is: make sure you decorate the house entrance for Christmas and invite the Christmas Spirit into your house! Only then do you start with the Christmas decoration idea inside. This only increases the festive mood and creates a cozy atmosphere for the celebration. The following DIY Christmas decoration ideas cost nothing, but have a real WOW effect. So it’s worth trying these out, isn’t it?

Decorate white candles with red glitter and arrange them with shiny Christmas tree balls.

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen weiße Kerzen mit rotem Glitzer glänzende Kugeln

These bows are very easy to make.

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Schleifen rot und weiß Christbaum

Just like these little snowmen who also look funny.

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen kleine lustige Schneemänner

Christmas balls in the frame – great DIY Christmas decoration idea!

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen glänzende Kugeln im Rahmen

A symbolic Christmas tree can be mastered from disposable glasses, glittering balls and a pearl necklace.

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Einweggläser als Tannenbaum arrangiert bunte Kugeln Perlenpette

How do you like this wreath of shiny Christmas balls?

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Weihnachtskranz aus glänzenden Kugeln

Or do you find this DIY idea better?

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Metallgitter für Tomatenanbau umfunktioniert glänzende Kugeln

Scroll through our picture gallery at your leisure and you are sure to find something that fills your heart with joy and is easy to imitate. You will find cages and birds, wreaths and advent calendars made of cubes, lamps, fairy lights and other luminous decorative elements. In short, there is always something for every taste and for all hobbyist fans! Our editorial team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Kerzenhalter Mittelstück auf dem Esstisch festlich dekoriert

With such DIY Christmas decoration ideas, the eye is happy too!

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen handgemachte Kränze dekorierter Esstisch im Hintergrund

It doesn’t work without colorful Santa Claus stockings.

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen bunte Nikolausstrümpfe Kamin festlich dekoriert

You can make these out of old paper and fill them with small gifts.

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen drei Nikolausstrümpfe aus Papier genäht mit kleinen Geschenken befüllt

Surprise your guests with these beautiful Christmas decoration ideas….

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen festlich dekorierter Esstisch Zweig mit Kugeln weiße Kerzen Geschenke

…. and have a happy party together!

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen festlicher Schmuck Lichter Zapfen

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Christbaum Ornamente Zapfen mit künstlichem Schnee bedeckt

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Schmuck aus kleinen Ornamenten am Christbaum

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Kartenhalter

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Ornamente im Wabenmuster als Glühbirnen aus buntem Papier

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Ornamente im Wabenmuster als Glühbirnen aus buntem Papier

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen zwei Tannenbäume aus rotem Stoff basteln

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen bunte Glühbirnen Weihnachtskranz

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Tannenbaum auf Palette

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Salz und Pfefferdosen umfunktioniert geschmückt

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Stern Strumpf aus Papier kleine Geschenke

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Girlande aus Kaffeefiltern toller Schmuck am Kamin

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Zweige mit Weihnachtskugeln dekoriert

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Christbaum Deko Ornamente Tiermotive

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Vogelfutter Figur für draußen

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen rustikaler Kranz an der Tür Weihnachtskugeln als Schmuck

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Adventskalender aus Streichholzschachteln

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Adventskalender aus Streichholzschachteln

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Tannenbaum aus Grußkarten

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Glasbehälter mit bunten Glühbirnen

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Christbaum dekorieren selbst gebastelte Vögel

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Weihnachtskranz Freude aussagend einfach gemacht grüne Zweige

DIY Weihnachtsdeko Ideen Christbaumschmuck aus kleinen Backformen

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