5 expert tips on how to turn a small garden into a favorite retreat

A garden should be your private oasis, a sacred place for you, where you like to withdraw and relax. Because every modern person needs such a place where he can completely escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To feel that sense of calm and harmony, there are a few simple things you can do. You just have to try to make the most of a small outdoor space to transform it into your personal oasis of wellbeing.
We got some good advice from landscape experts and horticulturists that we want to present to you here. You can completely rely on your competent opinion!

garden for home decorating landscaping ideas

8. If you like things more colorful, buy furniture in bright colors

• Use a single color scheme to make a small or partially shaded garden look bigger and more open!

• Vertical gardens are an easy way to bring some green and spruce into a small space without actually taking up additional floor space!

• Get beautiful designer pots, plant containers and tubs. Firstly, these are always a real eye-catcher in the garden, and secondly, they can be even more attractive if you plant them with your favorite flowers. This way you introduce a touch of color and green to your small outdoor space. Nothing can go wrong with this if you choose easy-care, long-lived potted plants that have compact root systems, such as gorgeous begonias and evergreen ferns.

• Stacking flower pots of different sizes on top of each other gives you a better sense of perspective in a small room. This little trick can visually make your garden look bigger.

• Treat yourself to a new chair and / or a modern table for your garden and put the finishing touches on the small outdoor area. Maybe you buy an outdoor furniture set that fits perfectly there. Great furniture sets for every garden can be found in stores, including those with interesting combinations of natural and artificial materials. For example, a teak seat can be paired with a powder steel frame. Think about it, because every slight improvement in the exterior brings a fresh touch to your outdoor area and makes it even more homely.

Garden landscaping ideas for small garden

3. A green wall does not take up additional floor space, but it does bring a fresh touch to your small garden

If you need more inspiration for a redesign of your garden, you can browse our picture gallery! You are sure to find what you need!

Garden and landscaping modern

The small details make up the beauty of your very private oasis!

Landscaping ideas for garden

The small inner courtyard can be fully used and transformed into an excellent retreat.

Garden and landscaping luxury homes

A lot of charm and serenity radiate from this retreat corner

Garden and landscaping ideas modern style

In the middle of a lot of green you can relax completely

Garden landscaping ideas bench

Even the smallest free space can be transformed into a cozy seating area

Modern garden design ideas

Nature, peace and comfort – these three words characterize this outdoor area very well

Rock garden decor landscaping ideas

Green and stone go perfectly together

Landscaping ideas

Landscaping ideas

Sunken garden with seating

Charm and sophistication for young and old, even for pets!

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