5 reasons why renting is better than buying

Rent instead of buying

The city is a huge cultural achievement. It can accommodate a wide variety of milieus in a concentrated space. All forms of urban sprawl into the landscape are energetically nonsense. Why should we first build a lot of roads to drive out, then put a small house on a large area that only has outer walls, which in turn all have to be insulated?

(Arno Brandlhuber, architect)

Despite the “huge cultural achievement“That a city may represent, people need something of their own. A own House. the own Garden. Many dream of such a retreat.

Anyone who can afford it invests in a house. Living for rent – even with children – has become unreasonable. You want to offer something to the offspring. The surrounding area is calling!

With so much aversion to renting an apartment, I just have to take sides for the weaker party – and show reasons why renting is better than buying: You don’t need a house to be happy! In fact, one can actually be happy to rent a house.

rent-instead-buildHere are my 5 reasons why living for rent isn’t stupid at all:

  1. Children and young people like it in the city

What do you not do for the children? After all, you shouldn’t lack anything. They should grow up happy and satisfied in a quiet, contemplative settlement, undertake their first natural history research in the nearby wood, breathe deeply into the fresh air and enjoy their freedom.

Hand on heart: You don’t move because of the children. But somehow you have to make it palatable to the offspring: So the boy gets the puppy if necessary, while the boy in the big city still gets an absolute one No-go was. He already had his own children’s room in the rented apartment, but now at IKEA he can at least put together his own furniture and help determine the color of the wall painting. Building a house becomes an experience – and Bub’s loss of his social environment is somehow pushed into the background. But at the latest when he starts school and is dependent on the school bus, he will wistfully think back to his childhood in the city …

They don’t really care whether children live in the city or in the country. The city often turns out to be more child-friendly because there are simply more opportunities to do something with the youngsters. Playgrounds, children’s farms, swimming pools, … and friends also live just around the corner. It also saves time and energy that all these things can be reached over short distances. A car is not needed. It is therefore a myth that people move into a house because of the children.

2. Can you really relax only in the country? -Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Yes, the city is loud, I have to admit that. I get upset about it often enough myself. Party noises, loud conversations in the street, traffic noise and sirens, all of this is annoying. My window often stays closed overnight because otherwise I cannot fall asleep. Then I’m really looking forward to my vacation in the pampas, where you can’t hear any sound other than the chirping of the crickets.

Well, recently in Bavaria I had completely different experiences. The church tower bells rang every quarter of an hour. I didn’t even notice it during the day, but when I was in bed at night, it was all the more obvious. Ultimately, I had to close the window here too.

Worse still: As a stranger, I was immediately identified as such and eyed curiously. I was constantly asked to say “Grüß Gott”. You want nothing more than the anonymity of the big city, so you can finally have some peace and quiet again – and go about your business discreetly.

Rest is therefore a broad term that everyone personally (re) interprets differently anyway.

3. Renting can pay off

You only get a salary until you retire. And then? –Is it possible that you are standing on the hose! Who knows whether you will still get a pension in 30-40 years … At least you don’t want to have to pay rent anymore. With a house one is debt free for retirement. So no monthly charges!

Those who rent, on the other hand, throw their money out the window or throw it down the landlord’s throat. The fact that he takes care of the maintenance of the apartment, sends a craftsman over if something doesn’t work, and organizes everything else (garden, rubbish, supplies, administrative work, etc.) is well worth my money.

Apart from that, a homeowner with a small salary will have a hard time getting rid of all debts in old age – even with a cheap house on a small lot. In addition, there are the monthly ancillary costs, which of course also apply to the house. And even if they are completely insignificant in the first few years, at some point the home builder will have to repairs …

Even with low interest rates, monthly house payments are no cheaper than renting an apartment. But the tenant remains flexible – especially when it comes to his investments. He can put the money he has left into various savings investments. After 30-40 years he should have amassed a pretty penny. – Possibly even more than one home owner: That real estate cannot lose its value is a fairy tale that has been demystified all too often recently (see Spain, USA, UK).

4. Neighbors don’t care

You can count yourself lucky if you own a house that is entirely dedicated to botany. But let’s not kid ourselves: Most of the terraced and single-family houses are on tiny lots within densely built-up settlements.

So you are not only confronted with neighbors as a tenant. But you can be unlucky with neighbors, especially if they misbehave or otherwise annoy you. You know what I’m getting at: As a tenant, I can move away if I want to save the stress with the neighbors *, as a house owner I may have to hold out longer because the house is close to my heart.

* At this point, for the sake of honesty, it should be said that, especially in hip regions, it is hardly possible to move without losses. You have to accept a higher rent or a smaller apartment, sometimes even change the neighborhood, move further out … Of course, this limits the flexibility badly.

5. Only those who are not attached to property are free

While we are talking about flexibility, I would like to expand it to include the topic of “new beginnings”. Every now and then we all feel that we want to start all over again – or at least change something fundamental in our lives. For example, I often surf around on relevant real estate platforms and look at the apartments that are on offer.
Even on trips or on vacation, I sometimes imagine what it would be like to live there. It doesn’t have to remain a dream, because you can always find a rental apartment. The old one, on the other hand, is quickly terminated.

What a home requires, however, is continuity – especially when it comes to repaying the bank loan. This also means that you have to hold on to the (unloved) job and not be able to try yourself out again. Otherwise you would risk losing the house.

You don’t want them to anyone, but they still occur from time to time: Relationship, meaning and life crises! A house can get in the way of coping with them. After all, you always have this huge chunk of money in the back of your mind that you still owe the bank. A House can also be a cage be a golden of course.

Of course, I can still understand why so many people want a house and why they make this dream come true. That’s why I regularly report on house construction companies and news on the subject of living.

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