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5 ways to add some romance to industrial style at home

In the last few years haveen industrial designs made a sensation in the world of interior design. The so-called industrial style, which wants to bring the lost time of mechanical ingenuity back into the interior, is ideal for someone who appreciates rough interiors that have not been given the finishing touches. If you enjoy images of barn conversions and urban lofts that are constantly featured in various interior design magazines, then these five industrial style ideas are for you. We have researched and we are presenting the results to you here.

industrial-style furniture

Brick walls can often be seen in the interior in industrial style

  1. Building systems show openly:


You can create a cozy atmosphere in an old industrial building

How did the industrial style come about in the interior?

In old factory buildings and smaller factories, the electrical and water pipes and air conditioning systems were mostly used exposed. Since these rooms had to fulfill purely functional tasks, people did not have to hide these structural elements. While the sewer and plumbing layout in a modern home would not be a good idea, you can still draw inspiration from these elements. For example, you can incorporate eye-catching cables and pipes in your kitchen or create a table with legs made of galvanized pipe. Open shelving and storage space also play a big role in creating that industrial feel that you bring to your own home.

  1. Weathered wood is in demand in industrial style


Gray, weathered wood can be an excellent design element

HOil-free furnishings and floors, which are still seen in most industrial buildings, wear marks from overuse and the harsh environment. This look, now recreated in your home, evokes a feeling of nostalgia. You can buy old wooden furnishings at your local flea market. Old wooden floorboards also pair well with paneled walls, and old doors and window frames can be turned into new bed headboards, interesting wall hangings, tables, and real art pieces. All you need is a little creativity.

  1. Industrial style – exposing brick walls


Open brick walls can add a powerful can of romance to your interior

Which elements are typical of the industrial style?

Maybe this is that most eye-catching industrial element that you can add to give your home the style you want. While it is a great idea to expose some or all of the brick walls at home, that is no longer or not always well recognized as an architectural design practice in modern homes these days. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from using stones in your interior. It is best used to frame the entrance to the house or the fireplace.


Simple furnishings in an industrial style combined with a romantic flair in pink

4. Concrete, concrete and even more concrete….

In aIn mills, workshops and factories, it was widespread to use concrete for the structure and flooring. Because of its longevity, strength and affordability, concrete played a large role in the period of industrial advancement in the 19th century. A stained concrete floor brings a terrible feeling to your four walls, but if you don’t want this material for your flooring, use simple home accessories like flower pots, buckets or tables made of concrete.

concrete walls

Concrete walls are something typical in industrial style

  1. Industrial style lighting fixtures

industrial pendant lights

Introduce a bit of romance to the industrial interior

Do you remember the industrial pendant lights that illuminated the old factory buildings? Their porcelain and cast aluminum lampshades looked wonderful. So there is absolutely no reason not to display these in your home again. Today there are thousands of modern lamp designs that mimic the look of the lights from years gone by in industrial spaces. Simply choose a large pendant lamp that fits your budget and taste and hang it in the hallway, above the entrance area or above the dining table in the living room to create the feeling of walking through an industrial area. That’s romantic, isn’t it?


A romantic love nest in an industrial style


Romantic, eclectic and industrial style rolled into one


Modern industrial style interior


Furnished with attention to detail

lighting industrial style

Lighting is particularly important in an industrial setting

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