6 steps to tidy up your kid’s room

The Decorate Building a nursery is a demanding task for any parent, and creativity, space and money are key factors that present the greatest challenge for any parent. However, decorating a kid’s room can also be a fun project to start with with your own children. Good planning and creativity can save both time and money. All you need to get started is pick a theme for the nursery, focus on all of the elements that go into making yours a reality Project contribute and get started.

The little ones play, romp, learn, draw and sleep in the children’s room. That is why a cozy atmosphere is desirable here.

Kinderzimmer gemütliche Atmosphäre Zelt zum Spielen Hängeleuchten Spielsachen helle Tapeten gemustert heller Teppich etwas Grün

The walls

You can use the walls of one Nursery Completely remodel with a coat of fresh paint, and the possibilities are endless. A good idea is to go for neutral and pastel colors that will blend easily with other decorations, bedding, curtains, and furniture. If you already have unused colors that go with your design theme, it’s a good idea to use a color with vibrant colors as a Centerpiece of the room.

Decide on a subtle wall color. Then you can additionally decorate the whole wall and make it attractive.

Kinderzimmer Hellblau als Wandfarbe zusätzliche Deko in ähnlichen Farbtönen Wolken Regentropfen Berge

Mini galleries

Frame the Children’s drawings one that you have kept in the drawers and in the refrigerator so far. Exposing your child’s original pieces adds a personal touch to the room and is one of the most noticeable details in one. Use old frames that you paint as needed, or just make collages of all your drawings and frame them. This Mini galleries can represent everything that your child enjoys. You can use your drawings to frame important photos, pictures from your favorite books, calendars with important dates, maps or travel tickets.

If the baby’s or children’s room is done in pastel color, then you can allow yourself little bright accents here and there.

Kinderzimmer Babyzimmer sehr gemütlich in Weiß und Pastellfarben kleine grelle Akzente gemusterte Wand Sessel Kommode in Pastellrosa


Make different beds for your kids, painting different headboards on the wall above each bed and separating them beds with a curtain.

To paint

If you have time and gifts to paint, you can paint something on your wall by yourself or with the help of your child. This option makes the greatest contribution to the chosen topic and is generally practiced by slightly more courageous and courageous people. If you choose to take this step, it is advisable to use paints or easy-to-remove colored pencils to use.


If the current curtains are in nursery boring and boring for your new topic, you don’t necessarily need to buy new ones. There is always a way to bring them to life by adding a variety of accessories such as jewelry, ribbons, zippers, and decorative buttons. You can also sew new curtains from a very simple monochrome material and add these various decorations.

Old meets new! A few old pieces of furniture can be given a second chance and reused in the nursery.

Kinderzimmer sehr schön eingerichtet in hellen Farben ein paar alte Möbelstücke wiederverwenden


the Furniture in the nursery must be safe and convincing. The choice of furniture therefore involves restructuring, reconstructing, renovating, replacing or buying new furniture.
replacement: Look at all of the furniture in the house that is im nursery could be used. The combination of different pieces of furniture to a new piece of furniture is very innovative and economical.
reorganization: Moving furniture gives the room a new concept. Remove unnecessary furniture that stifles space. Removing unusable or obsolete furniture creates the impression of a larger and more spacious place Space.
renovation: Painting existing furniture in a child’s room according to the general color palette of a suitable theme can completely change the look of the room and give it a new look.

Remodeling a child’s room is a very smart investment if your child’s happiness is first and foremost with all parents.

Make the realm of your children as inviting and cozy as possible.

Kinderzimmer einladend und gemütlich gestalten Grau und Dunkelblau im Kontrast interessantes Tapetenmuster

Your teen definitely needs a desk and PC too.

Kinderzimmer Raum für einen Teenager Schlafbett Schreibtisch PC hellgrüne Wände moderne Möbel bunte Bettwäsche

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