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6 tips for a bedroom to feel good

In the best case scenario, your bedroom is your personal retreat and your place to rest and relax from hectic everyday life. In order for your bedroom to meet these requirements, you should feel comfortable in it and enjoy spending time in the room whenever you feel like it. There is also the aspect of a healthy sleep – because you can only stay physically and mentally healthy in the long term if you sleep well. The following six tips provide inspiration for a cozy bedroom that invites you to linger.

Your cozy bedroom to feel good doesn’t just have to be a dream.

Schlafzimmer zum Wohlfuhlen bequemes Bett Decke Kissen in hellen Farben Tablett Fruhstuck im Bett

1. Use pillows, blankets, etc.

Pillows, blankets, carpets and curtains ensure a lot of cosiness and a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. You are free to choose which model you specifically choose. Long curtains darken the bedroom and promote a good night’s sleep. In addition, they fit into a simple color concept that relies on neutral beige, gray and white tones. Of course, you can also combine neutral textiles with color accents or patterns. Matching canopies and bedspreads also ensure comfort.

For the bedroom, choose a color palette that is calming.

Schlafzimmer zum Wohlfuhlen helle Tagesdecke Kissen Farbpalette wirkt beruhigend

2. Hang pictures

Regardless of whether the room is large or small – pictures individualize your bedroom, with pictures in subdued colors in particular radiating a pleasant calm. You alone decide which motifs you like, whether you decide on a large picture above the bed or want to distribute several pictures in the room and whether the pictures should be framed or not. It is only important that you do not feel any restlessness when looking at the pictures.

Hang some pictures on the wall in the bedroom that exude calm.

Schlafzimmer zum Wohlfuhlen Bilder an der Wand florale abstrakte Muster Ruhe ausstrahlen

3. Sit on a box spring bed

When deciding on a new bed, you should carefully weigh your choices. After all, you want to sleep comfortably and restfully in your bed for many years to come. Box spring beds, such as those offered by the manufacturer Welcon, are considered to be particularly comfortable. The beds are usually made up of a bed frame, a pocket spring mattress and a topper. The special structure ensures a back-friendly sleep. Additional features such as individual dimensions and different degrees of firmness allow your box spring bed to be perfectly tailored to your needs.

With a box spring bed you hit the mark and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Schlafzimmer zum Wohlfuhlen Boxspringbett komfortables Modell nachts einen erholsamen Schlaf geniesen

4. Arrange a seat

If you would like to spend a lot of time in your bedroom, additional seating can be a sensible option, for example for reading or listening to audio books. Because it is believed that those who only use their bed to sleep enjoy better and healthier sleep. And apart from that, everyone knows the obligatory clothes rack in the bedroom.

Such a cozy seating area will definitely turn into your favorite place to read and relax.

Schlafzimmer zum Wohlfuhlen gemutliche Sitzecke Lieblingsplatz zum Lesen und Entspannen

5. Use the right lighting

Appropriate lighting is fundamentally an important indicator for making rooms comfortable. Different light sources in the form of floor lamps, ceiling lamps and indirect light ensure comfort in the bedroom. In addition to the type of lighting, its placement also plays an important role. As a rule of thumb, there is one light source for every ten square meters of room. In practice, this can mean, for example, ceiling lighting that radiates the room, lamps on the bed for reading and lighting on the wardrobe.

The right room lighting contributes a lot to your well-being in the bedroom.

Schlafzimmer zum Wohlfuhlen richtige Beleuchtung uber dem Bett sorgt fur Wohlgefuhl im Raum

6. Do not have a television in the bedroom

There is nothing wrong with turning on your favorite series in the evening to recover from the day and simply shut down – but preferably on the couch in the living room. A television in the bedroom is a popular sleep aid, but it is suspected of having a negative impact on your sleep behavior. Reach more often for a good book that you don’t disturb, a cup of tea, or spend plenty of time with your partner, for example with a romantic massage.

Follow our tips and design your own personal and cozy bedroom to feel good!

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