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7 beautiful wall decorations that guarantee style

Home is where it is most beautiful, where we can relax and where we can simply be ourselves. But the feel-good factor is only really guaranteed to us if the interior of your own four walls is right. In addition to the furniture, textiles and other decorative items should also be coordinated with one another. But the walls shouldn’t be neglected either, because their decoration makes the home look perfect. You can now find out which decoration ideas deserve their place in the top 7:

Fashionable murals

A number of websites advertise their chic, modern motifs on murals – and not for nothing. The great decorative items are a perfect eye-catcher and can be tailored to your own interior. Not only the choice of color and size but also the motif depends heavily on your own taste and current living style. It is particularly nice to take up colors again and benefit from series of images.

Do you choose murals that have a personal character.

Entscheidet ihr euch für Wandbilder die einen persönlichen Charakter haben.

Pin boards

We recommend a pin board so that not only the refrigerator is littered with magnets and thus also postcards and pictures. In addition to the classic variant, there are also numerous alternatives that can score a lot in practical and fashionable terms: Magnetic boards are the highlight of today’s generation and can also be labeled with notes again and again.

The photo canvas reminds you of the most beautiful moments in life.

Die Fotoleinwand erinnert euch an die schönsten Momente im Leben.

Wall shelves

Those who like to decorate should definitely buy wall shelves. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to decoration. Whether cute cacti, flowering plants, pictures or vases – almost every accessory has its place in the beautiful must-haves. But the wall shelf itself also gives the otherwise bare walls a lot of elegance and style. Our tip: install several shelves in the same design at different heights.

Flower power

It gets particularly green and flowery with beautiful tendril plants and flower shelves. If you are now thinking about what plants have lost on the wall, you should definitely read on. The blooming creatures are seen more and more as accessories, because nowadays: the greener, the better! How you arrange the plants and which species you prefer is entirely up to you. With the right accessories, however, you are on the right side and can confidently let your favorites hang from the wall – without damaging the plant itself or the wall.

Photo canvases

As a great alternative to the conventional family photo in a picture frame, we recommend printing on canvas. Anyone who has always dreamed of putting their own recordings on the wall should take their chance now. Such Photo canvas not only skilfully stages the snapshots, but also scores with a lot of extravagance and trend security.

Printing on canvas is the modern alternative to the traditional family photo in a picture frame.

Der Druck auf Leinwand ist die moderne Alternative zum herkömmlichen Familienfoto im Bilderrahmen.


Former scarf motifs or cool ethnic and boho patterns are only a small part of the popular designs that we love on carpets. The Persian carpet, which is often perceived as old-fashioned, is coming back to life today. But even his competitor with a striped look can now be found on the wall.

Great clocks

If your own four walls are just missing a fine touch, simple steps are often sufficient. A wall clock, for example, not only fits in the kitchen and also looks great in the hallway and living room and provides a lot of elegance.

In conclusion, the only thing left to say is: On your marks, get set, start decorating!

Unique photo calendars are also among the most popular decorative items in your own home.

Einzigartige Fotokalender zählen auch zu den beliebtesten Dekorationsstücken im eigenen Zuhause.

Just like a masterfully designed photo book.

Genauso wie ein meisterhaft gestaltetes Fotobuch

You can also design your cell phone with your own photo.

Auch das Handy kann man mit eigenem Foto gestalten

There are no limits to creativity.

Der Kreativität sind ja keine Grenzen gesetzt

Small details that count.

Kleine Details die zählen

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