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7 houseplants that improve sleep

Flowers have become irreplaceable in our lives: they create a good mood and purify the air in a room. 7 types of plants can also improve our sleep. What are they?

  1. jasmine
Jasmine scent air quality living room relaxes sleep

This exotic plant has a positive effect on us physically and mentally

The fragrant jasmine soothes and promotes sleep, its messenger substance lowers the stress level and also helps us to wake up alert. Not all varieties develop splendidly and bloom, but this plant is easy to care for.

  1. lavender
Lavender houseplant sleep promotion

“Strength lies in calm”: the scent of lavender acts as a natural sedative

The scent of lavender has long been known as a natural sleep aid and relaxation agent. It calms us down and helps us fall asleep. It has been scientifically proven that you relax after inhaling the scent of lavender!

  1. gardenia
Gardenia bedroom natural means calming

The gardenias are among the sleep-inducing, anxiety-relieving houseplants

A scientific study found that the lovely scent of gardenia makes people fall asleep easier, just like a sleeping pill would.

  1. Aloe vera
Real aloe vera plant varieties suitable for bedrooms

The aloe vera provides oxygen and produces fluids that can be used to treat and heal small burns and cuts

The aloe species purify the air in the room, which also leads to better sleep. Fresh oxygen in the bedroom ensures relaxation and a suitable atmosphere for falling asleep.

  1. Begonias
Begonia medicinal plant effect affect relaxation

Begonias for a healthy indoor climate

These plants also filter the air in the bedroom, the fragrance of which relieves stress and depression. In addition, it is recommended that begonias be placed in the living quarters of elderly people with illnesses.

  1. Real laurel
Real laurel medicinal plant ornamental plant insomnia

The laurel relaxes, which is why it is also suitable for the baby and children’s room

The bay leaves are known to be a powerful remedy for insomnia. The plant can stand quietly next to the baby bed. Their presence also has a positive effect on the sleep of adults.

  1. rosemary
Rosemary fragrance plant calming quality of life

The rosemary is said to be very helpful for sleep disorders

The rosemary in the pot next to the bed ensures a good night’s sleep. This fragrant houseplant contributes to quick physical relaxation.

Master in air purification, the houseplants win our enthusiasm with their delicate, soothing aromas. Bring the power of nature into the bedroom and ensure a good night’s sleep!

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