7 ideas for living with children


A move is about to begin – and every family member has their own ideas about how the new home should be designed. When looking for an apartment with children, the property manager GCP can certainly help you. GCP manages and rents apartments nationwide in many cities and invests in lively neighborhoods and on-site service in order to create a high and lasting tenant satisfaction.

What requirements should an apartment meet for the whole family? What should be considered when furnishing the home so that living together with children can be mastered well? In this post we show you 7 ideas about living with children.

1. Looking for an apartment with children

Some landlords don’t like children in their rental apartments any more than they like pets. Who at the Apartment Search has already determined that child noise is not perceived as annoyance, has already gained a lot. That saves a lot of inconvenience in the future. Where there are children, happiness is at home. For families, however, there are still other hurdles to overcome when looking for and furnishing an apartment.

2. The location of the apartment

Perfect for a family with children: a ground floor apartment with a garden or the possibility of sharing a garden with other tenants. Also in the Residential area interested families should take a look around.

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Location and location are very important for families. (Image: © zimmytws / Adobe Stock)

Do children seem to live nearby? Is it a main road or a restricted traffic area? How are the transport connections and how far are shops and facilities for daily needs? Parents should ask themselves these questions in advance. Also consider carefully what special wishes you have for the apartment and the environment.

3. This is how families cope with moving

If there is a right moment in life for using a moving company, then it is now: Moving with small children is a big and especially logistical challenge. Larger children, on the other hand, who can already tackle vigorously, could be a support. In any case, it is recommended as a young family, the money for Moving helpers to invest. If you don’t want to or can’t do that, a babysitter would be good advice. Small children in particular are not in good hands on the day of the move. A few general tips on how to save money when moving can be found here.

4. The perfect rental apartment suitable for children

The perfect child-friendly apartment is an apartment that does justice to everyone. Families should make sure that each family member is comfortable and has a place to retreat to. What an apartment for families still has to be able to do:

  • Child safe: All rooms that are accessible to young children should have child-proof furnishings. Anything that is not childproof should be adjusted accordingly. Staircases and exits should be provided with protective grilles and sockets with child safety devices. Shelves and cupboards are to be screwed firmly to the wall and protected from tipping. We’ll come back to safety later.
  • Functional: Functionality is everything, especially with small children! Multi-talented furniture is suitable for small rooms, for example. A chest bench as a seating and storage option in the play area in the living room creates order for adults in no time at all.
  • privacy: It is optimal if the privacy of all family members can be respected. Separate children’s rooms could be a start. Because children do not always stay small – one day they bring friends with them and need their niche.
  • Common room: A large common room is ideal for a family. All family members should be able to participate in the design of the room. Family time is quality time!

So that parents don’t just feel comfortable as mom and dad, they should continue to see each other as a couple. The furnishing of the apartment and the room layout may also include the Parental privacy support!

5. Aesthetics vs. functionality

It is understandable that parents want to feel comfortable in their own four walls and that is often possible with the help of decorative home accessories. When children are small, a cleaner as possible is suitable, tidy living style Perfect. Later, glass vases and fragile porcelain figurines can be used again to create a particularly cozy atmosphere. But warmth and cosiness can also be brought in with small children: beautiful carpets, pillow cases and curtains bring the desired colors and great acoustics. Fake (electric) candles are now a serious alternative to real wax candles. Decoration made of wood, which can be included in the child’s play at the same time Warmth and naturalness in the living area.

6. Lots of storage space with little space

Tenants of small apartments in particular complain about too little Storage space. If you make sure from the outset that the property has sufficient storage space within the apartment, you are on the safe side. Especially with children, space is needed in every phase of life to temporarily store objects, clothing, etc.

7. Child-safe home: avoid dangers

In the old apartment everything was childproof so far. In the new one, the tenants have to plan again and consider which ones Dangers to young children lurk Here is a checklist:

1. Secure stairs with grids
2. Make carpets non-slip
3. Lay the electric cable firmly / do not leave it exposed
4. Equip sockets with child safety locks
5. At best, do without glass doors or clearly tape existing glass doors
6. Always sweep and dispose of broken pieces carefully
7. Sufficient lighting – even at night, light switches should be accessible
8. No small parts within the reach of children
9. No sources of poison (detergents, nail polish remover, etc.) within reach of children

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If you have a location, retreat niches, a suitable common room, opportunities for the privacy of every family member as well as security, storage space and our furnishing tips on your screen, you can’t go wrong as a family when looking for an apartment.


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