7 unbeatable reasons for family sports

family sports: sports and benefits

How those who don’t like sports get moving

Sport somehow doesn’t fit into your life. The gym is either too far away, doesn’t offer the right classes, or always puts them on those days when you don’t have time. Team sports were never your thing anyway, you don’t have a partner for jogging. Oh yes, you are already enough in the fresh air because you garden after work. And anyway, you hated physical education more than math at school.

No, your inner weaker self does not make it easy for you to motivate yourself to exercise. If only it weren’t for your guilty conscience because everyone claims that exercise is sooo healthy. Maybe it’s not even your conscience that plagues you, but your lack of credibility. After all, you keep telling your kids to move around while you sit in the office all day staring at a screen.

If you recognize yourself in this description, you are a classic sports grouch. It is doubtful that a grouchy athlete will become a super athlete. The fact is, however, that a little exercise won’t hurt you. If you lack both the time and the inclination, family sport is just right for you!

What is family sport anyway?

Family sport is not a sport, it just means that not only are the children working on the field while mom and dad watch coffee sipping on. Instead, drift all family members together Sports.

The benefits of family sports

1. Parents and children spend an intensive time together, it creates a bond, promotes family relationships and communication.

2. Sport in general is helpful for the healthy development of children and / or adolescents.

3. It relieves stress, you clear your head.

4. Family sport strengthens the immune system and self-confidence.

5. Physical activity ensures that the hormonal balance is brought into balance.

6. Exercise makes you feel more attractive.

7. In addition, the adults keep fit through physical activity and do not age as quickly.

Which sports are suitable for family sports

reiten mit kindernActivities with the whole family do not have to be carried out separately in a club. Yes, they don’t even have to be classic sports. It is enough, for example, to fly a kite with the children or to do geocaching in the forest. A weekend bike ride can be just as relaxing as a trip to the swimming pool. Even an hour tobogganing in winter can make you sweat a lot.

If you are more interested in a regular appointment where you learn a sport step by step or improve in it, you may be able to attend a dance class. It’s twice as much fun with your daughter!

wandern mit kindBadminton can also be played with the youngsters, as can tennis or table tennis. You don’t even have to leave your house for the latter if you have your own ping pong table. It is similar with darts, billiards and table football. Small competitions can also be held here 😉

You can find more family sports with detailed explanations on this page >>

How exercise affects the way you look

Family sport is less about building up muscle masses or losing pounds, but more about having fun in the movement that is exercised together. And who knows, maybe more will come of it ?: Dad learns to snowboard with his son, Mum may have been interested in horse riding since her daughter started doing it, and Grandpa goes fishing with his grandchildren on a regular basis …

Last but not least, every type of sport increases body tension. The body tension in turn affects your charisma out. You no longer run around like the last Schluffi (powerless, clumsy), but radiate sovereignty and backbone.

why?: Sport helps to build a stable self-confidence and to develop a healthy body image.

Even if you don’t pursue the goal of becoming slimmer through sport, for example, you wear your clothes with a completely different – better – feeling. And that is what you radiate 🙂 If you have not (yet) dared to look at dresses, on the following page (advertising) you will find dresses for every style and occasion.

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Featured image: Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

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