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8 essentials for the festive table for Easter brunch

At Easter, the whole family usually gets together for the first time since Christmas. In addition to good-tasting dishes and delicious sweets, the table decorations must also be in harmony with the big family celebration. Today we are going to show you 8 ideas for the design of the festive Easter table.

Table accessory, Easter decoration, salt shaker, pepper shaker, silver-plated rabbit shape

Integrate vintage figural table accessories into the festive decoration

Bring out a playful figure. This set of silver-plated salt and pepper pots adds a vintage flair to your table decoration, but at the same time looks very delicate and chic. The table accessory emphasizes the nostalgic tablecloth with a floral pattern.

Luxury tablecloth Easter table magenta orange exquisite

Show a solemn, sophisticated style with fine table linen

The Easter brunch is a festive occasion, because you can use a variety of decorative motifs. In addition to the usual decorations with rabbits and painted Easter eggs, you could rely on a sophisticated, colored tablecloth. Exquisite illustrations and a strong color combination of magenta and orange create a royal atmosphere at the table.

Lilac bouquet branches spring flowers natural materials Easter decoration festive table

Celebrate the resurrection of Christ with fresh flowers

Green branches and bouquets of flowers from your own garden add interesting, cheerful accents to your Easter table. Only the contrast of green and pink has spring-like notes. The fresh apples add an unexpected element to the overall picture. Linen napkins in strong colors give the stylish table decoration the finishing touch.

Easter table decorations flowers strawberries cups fruit bowls cake stand

Arrange freshly picked strawberries and cut flowers in different serving bowls and bowls

Vases are not necessarily an essential part of the Easter table. Therefore, use existing jugs, cake stands, bottles, milk jugs and fruit bowls for a varied overall look and a valuable look. An overall, high-quality appearance of the Easter table is becoming more important than the individual furnishing elements. It doesn’t matter that the vessels are different. The uniform color and the same material form a unit on the Easter table.

Easter brunch Easter table outdoors backyard

Wouldn’t you like to have an Easter brunch together in a quiet, idyllic backyard?

Easter coincides with the beginning of spring. Take advantage of this and organize your Easter brunch in a cozy atmosphere in the backyard. In view of the natural beauty in the background, you don’t need an overly lavish table decoration. The natural nuances of the decorative pillows and bedspreads make the entire design look cozy.

Table decoration modern white green natural needle bouquet

Use natural materials as the basis for Easter decorations

Celebrate the arrival of spring with fresh green! In this photo example, the focus is exclusively on what is necessary for the table decoration. This is often the case at parties with numerous guests, where there is little space left at the table for aesthetic creations. A small, eye-catching bouquet like in the photo here brings enough color into play.

Table decoration cut flowers trendy yellow roses peonies French macarons

This modern Easter decoration in yellow, red and mint green looks full of vitality

For a decoration idea taken from magazines, we include fragrant cut flowers and delicious French macarons.

Since the luminosity of the colors always comes out in spring, this tendency is taken up by the great effects of real flowers in the interior. Because what is actually better than the natural beauty of cut flowers? A cozy table decoration is chic with beautiful arrangements of peonies and yellow roses.

Table decorations for festive occasions Easter brunch, brass tableware

Magnificent table decorations in gold can be easily combined with green and red

Golden accents bring a sublime feeling not only to the decor for Christmas, but also for Easter brunch. This immediately ensures an atmospheric ambience!

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