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8 great indoor plants that ensure a pleasant room temperature in summer

You don’t have toDon’t necessarily invest a lot of money in technical systems if you want to lower the room temperature in your apartment in summer. With a simple trick you can make the heat bearable and ensure a pleasant room climate. It’s about lowering the room temperature a little – by a few degrees, but one thing is certain – you will feel comfortable in your apartment in summer.

Indoor plants real aloe dining room table decoration

The aloe vera is a great table decoration and ensures a pleasant room temperature

There are some of the specific types of green houseplants that will help us achieve this. Yes, they can improve the indoor climate. Its evaporation effect increases the humidity in the air, making the heat easier to tolerate.

Today we introduce you 8 houseplants that can beautify your home and effectively help you further in the fight against the summer heat.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera houseplants in summer

A plain white pot complements the finesse of the aloe vera

The aloe vera looks elegant and helps with many skin problems. And not only that – this graceful houseplant exudes a lot of oxygen and the likend humidifies the room air. This improves the indoor climate.

Bow hemp (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Indoor plants Sansevieria trifasciata bow hemp

The bow hemp provides fresh air in the youth room

Put this succulent plant in yourin the bedroom next to the bed. It secretes large amounts of oxygen at night and improves the room temperature. This way you can enjoy your good sleep in summer.

Rubber tree

Rubber tree living tips house plants

The rubber tree is a wonderful houseplant that is very effective in refreshing the air in the room

The large, dark green leaves of the rubber tree sind a good prerequisite for the large amounts of oxygen that this houseplant secretes. Set a cool accent in the living room with a flower pot with bow hemp, which will take care of the pleasant room climate.

Green lily

House plants green lily in white pot

Choose an elegant and unusual flower pot for your delicate green lily

This simple plant is easy to care for and very durable. The green lily has two important properties – it humidifies the room air and brings a fresh note to every room.

Mini rubber tree

Mini rubber tree house plants in the living room

The mini rubber tree is ideal for your home office or living room

Don’t have a place in your home for bigße houseplants? But don’t do without a little extra freshness! There is, for example, the likeable mini rubber tree for you. It is the perfect table decoration, cleans the air and at the same time improves the indoor climate in summer.

Areca palm

small areca palm houseplants room design

One day the small areca palm will become a tall green houseplant

The areca palm bribrings an exotic touch to your home in a very elegant way. According to a NASA research, this ornamental tree is one of the best houseplants. The palm tree cleans and humidifies the room air very effectively, which makes the room temperature more comfortable.


Indoor plants areca palm indoor climate in summer

This magnificent areca palm can be ideally inscribed in the interior of this living room

The fern takes care of the air quality in the room – it humidifies and purifies the air in your home. If you have a copy in every room in your apartment, you should don’t worry about the heat in summer.


House plants fern large mirror hallway

The fern improves the indoor climate and brings a cozy touch into the house

The Efeutute is ideal for all flower lovers as it is not a demanding plant. The unfavorable factors in the room do not affect their growth at all. The most important characteristic of this useful houseplant is that it successfully filters carbon monoxide, toluene and benzene in the air and improves the indoor climate.

Efeutute in summer house plants

The green efeutute requires regular watering

Efeutute in summer houseplants bookshelf decoration

A good decoration tip – the green houseplants are great decorations in the room and attract everyone’s attention

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