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8 practical tips on how to bring a fresh touch to your interior

You don’t necessarily have to buy a brand new facility. Rather, try to freshen up the things you already own and create a new interior at home

Sometimes we get the impression that designers are constantly advising us to replace everything in the interior with something new and to greet each coming season with new furnishings. In reality, a lot of good things only need a bit of “polishing” to transform from pleasant to extraordinary. Here we want to offer you a few ways in which you can give your home an impressive look, while only working with what you already have.

Beauty is often in the little things

Decoration for bedroom picture frame deco

Small details make it, they can give the room a new look

A small, eye-catching detail and beautiful decorative shapes complement your interior wonderfully and give the room a lot of charm. It shouldn’t necessarily be laborious what you want to change at home. For example, you don’t like a baseboard or some moldings very much (or you don’t like it anymore). You can freshen these up with thin strips by adding them to the existing shapes. Then the exposed wall looks different, and much better, doesn’t it? So, it’s true: the beauty is in the little things!

Modern sofas with an elegant design.

Living room sofa white furniture with throw pillows

Oversized decorative pillows in eye-catching colors and with interesting prints spice up the modern sofa

New residents often start decorating their homes with small but chic furniture. We all know these modern low-back sofas. In order to adapt them to the rest of the interior, you need something additional. A couple of oversized decorative pillows can help us make the modern sofa even more modern. You can see the result in the picture. Large decorative pillows in eye-catching colors and with interesting prints spice up the sofa and bring it into harmony with the rest of the room furnishings. That way you now have a cozy place to relax. At the same time, you gave the room a personal look.

Short curtains can easily be extended

Curtains and curtains luxury ideas

Short curtains or drapes can be easily extended and add a strong, individual touch to the ambience

Pre-purchased curtains usually do not fit the window rules exactly and need to be changed a little on the spot. In order for you to get the right length and achieve the floor-to-ceiling effect you want, you need a certain amount of sewing skills and your creativity, of course. If you cannot make this change yourself, call for someone to help. Obviously, this is a relatively easy task for a professional seamstress. Two pre-purchased curtain sets can be combined to make the right length. Your newly sewn curtains or drapes can attract everyone’s attention, because they now look enviably beautiful. With this you have achieved the desired effect – they show your individuality, because nobody else has such curtains!

Renew outdated lampshades and bring a fresh touch to the room

modern metal lampshades living room

New, modern lampshades refresh the entire room look

Many people have received interesting-looking floor lamps from their parents or grandparents as heirlooms. They often have perfect lamp bases, but the lampshades are dusty and long out of fashion. You are sure to find new, modern lampshades on the market to replace the old ones. This little modernization gives every floor lamp more oomph and refreshes the whole look in your room.

Design a photo wall

Photo wall design living room

A photo wall is the undisputed eye-catcher in the room

Small photos from your childhood can only fill a few pages in a scrapbook, but they always remind you of a good period in life. If you wanted to keep those memories in front of your eyes all the time, you could add oversized picture frames to the photos and arrange a great gallery on the one wall of your home. You could also use the same method to frame photos of your loved ones and display them on the wall as a work of art.

Image 6: K: New headboard or eye-catching wallpaper behind the bed make your very private bedroom even more cozy

Freshen up your bedroom with a new headboard or eye-catching wallpaper on the wall behind the bed

bedroom wall design wallpaper bed ideas

What was your first bed like when you were single? Or how is it still today? Possibly just like the bed in the picture. But don’t worry, we have a great tip on how to spice up your bed. All you need is an attachable headboard and it gives a boring bed frame a whole new, sophisticated look. So you have a comfortable place to sleep and relax. And we have another idea: use scraps of wallpaper and freshen up the wall behind the bed! You can do the whimsical DIY project in a striking color. What if that is not really an eye catcher?

Renew the bedding and you will renew the whole look of your bedroom

Decoration ideas for bed linen

Sleep well and dream beautifully in new bed linen!

The classic white bed linen has long been out of fashion. A lot of people don’t even know them. Colorful laundry is in! You can use them to set great accents in your bedroom. Buy new bedding made from high quality fabrics such as linen, cotton, jersey or silk and you will never regret your purchase. You can also choose matching colors so that everything in your room is color-coordinated. Well, nice dreams then!

Unframed mirrors in the bathroom are a great choice!

Bathroom ideas with comfort

A matching mirror in the bathroom can make even the smallest room appear larger and wider

In every bathroom you need at least one mirror. It is well known that mirrors make even the smallest room look bigger. A large, unframed mirror in the bathroom is a direct hit because it can visually expand the space and make it more comfortable.

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