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9 design tips for great entertainment in a small space

Here you will find clever tips and tricks that you can use at your next soiree. We can give you practical ideas on how to properly light the small space, place your guests comfortably and keep everything under control at all times.

The fact that you have a small space shouldn’t mean you can’t organize large parties. To help you get the most out of your space and have fun doing it, here are some practical tips that you are sure to enjoy and that you will soon be following. No matter how big your apartment is, you can make clever use of every square meter and make the most of a small living space.

Choose the right color palette!

wise-wall-accent wall

The classic black and white color duo also works well in a small room

As in any small room, an entertainment area can appear visually larger if you use bright colors there. Better to consider white walls and leave some space for experiments. For example, you can paint a narrow wall in a different color (as in the picture above in black) and in this way set a strong accent in the room. It would be much better if your entertainment space felt more comfortable and lively than airy and minimalist. Be bold and use dark or dramatic hues on the walls too. As already mentioned, they are a real eye-catcher in the room and create more cosiness. And better mood, of course. You can also combine dark or vivid shades with pale shades. So you create an interplay of colors and your space will only benefit from it. It would appear larger and more energetic.
Pay attention to the color scheme of your favorite restaurant and draw new ideas from it! Please note that every color shade looks different in artificial light in the evening than in daylight. Watch a color change visually at different times of the day.

Room lighting has a key role in room design


Elegant wall lamp is a must in a small room

Speaking of lighting, it is imperative that we emphasize it here – in an entertainment room, it is especially important to have a well-designed lighting scheme that can be controlled to create the right mood. Even in a small room, the classic ceiling lighting would not be enough, you definitely need additional light sources.
Modern wall lights can help here to introduce more light into a dark corner of the room. Use dimmable lights or simply arrange several smaller lamps in a group, so you can create more brightness or a soft light in the room. As you prefer.

Set accents


A chic wall mirror or small decorative elements, a painting or other work of art are always real eye-catchers.

In addition to the lighting, mirrors and other accents can be used to create a pleasant feeling in a small room. Things like white picture frames or beautiful paintings always attract the eye, while mirrors visually expand the space.

Organize seating for all guests


Gray can be perfectly combined with all other colors. Or do you prefer many shades of gray in an interior?

If you are organizing a party at home then you will certainly endeavor to invite as many friends as possible and place them in the entertainment room. Do you have a big couch there? You would always need one! Your close friends can sit side by side, shoulder to shoulder and have fun. Make it more comfortable to sit and throw soft throw pillows here and there or get a couple of ottomans. Dark upholstery is recommended, as no stains can be seen on it.

No large-scale furniture, rather small but versatile tables


A small oval table and plenty of comfortable seating around it are a great decision for your next party!

In addition to comfortable seating, your guests will also need space in which to move around, stretch their legs or maybe even dance. You should therefore avoid large tables and other furniture that blocks traffic or communication in the room. Also leave open areas that are particularly important in a small room. It is better to use several small tables that you can quickly move out of the way or move in seconds if desired or necessary.

The dining area


At every party you also need a dining table, because eating, drinking and having fun always go hand in hand!

An oval or round table is usually very suitable for small spaces as it offers more flexibility. It is also certain that no guest will come across an edge. Round tables also make it much easier to seat an odd number of guests.

The drinks bar

drink wagon

How do you want to serve the drinks? A drinks bar would help you a lot.

One of the best ways to bring people closer together is to set up a drinks corner. You can also offer snacks there. Setting up a small drinks bar in the corner of the room would help you a lot. Your guests are sure to spend a lot of time there instead of standing in hallways or doorways.

Check the acoustics in the room


Curtains, carpets, fabric upholstery absorb noise and reduce the noise in the small room

In addition to room lighting, you also need to be able to control the acoustics at your party. Lots of people chatting in a small room could soon become an uncomfortable noise if you don’t do anything about limiting the noise in the room.
Use as many materials as possible that absorb echoes and noise, this is extremely important in a small room. In this regard, curtains, carpets, matching upholstery, or canvas art are welcome to help reduce the noise

Create an informal atmosphere


Hosting must create a homely and informal atmosphere

After all, in a room of any size, you need to think about the comfort of your guests. If your guests feel comfortable and can move around freely, then you don’t need to worry. Create a casual atmosphere where everyone can relax. It is better to choose light fabrics and light shades. For example, a white couch, a soft carpet and antique vase would be very appropriate here and really bring out your personal furnishing style.
We wish you pleasant party hours in your but small entertainment room.

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