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A cottage garden can offer you the peace and serenity you want

Do you know what a cottage garden means from today’s perspective? A place full of peace and relaxation, a green oasis where you can feel nature up close. Today we are going to show you simple tips on how to design this little paradise yourself. Here you can find out how you can introduce the longed-for dose of serenity and romance into your country-style garden landscape.

– Deal informally with the garden design.

Cottage gardens are bound to look messy or not professionally designed at all to a lot of people. In fact, they are usually full of lush vegetation, beautiful garden plants, and lots of greenery. To get this completely natural look, avoid planting in straight lines or according to clearly defined patterns. Let your garden flowers and foliage freely fall over wavy and cluttered paths. This picture adds to the charm of the cottage garden.

Bauerngarten gestalten schöne Gartenblumen

Beautiful garden flowers and greenery grow on both sides of the garden paths

  • Beautiful garden flowers that also grew in grandma’s garden

Cottage gardens are nothing new in garden design, on the contrary, they are a well-tried, old form of garden. They are usually filled with the same favorite traditional plants and wonderfully fragrant flowers that your grandmother tended to. Some popular examples include peony, foxglove, snapdragon, pansy, columbine, heart flower, and rose mallow.

Bauerngarten gestalten

It looks just like grandma’s garden!

  • Choose comfortable, retro-style furniture

Turn your cottage garden into an outdoor living space by adding comfortable retro-style furniture or making your own from reclaimed wood. Avoid anything contemporary. Instead, look for wicker furniture or those made of metal, perhaps brightly painted chairs would also be in the right place. The individual pieces of furniture do not necessarily have to fit together: that is just part of the charming cottage garden design. An eclectic mix fits right in.

Bauerngarten gestalten Gartenmöbel eklektisches

Old, weathered garden furniture complements the real look of a cottage garden

  • Look for those garden flowers that emphasize the romance in the cottage garden

Most of the cottage gardens have a special romantic flair. If you have this feeling outside in your garden, it is most likely from the flowers. Look for garden flowers that bloom in delicate pastel colors. We recommend pink to dark red peonies and magnificent rose bushes, also in the same color palette. In addition to their natural beauty, these flowers have an additional bonus point – they spread their wonderful scent in the garden!

Bauerngarten gestalten Gartenblumen

Garden flowers in soft pink, violet and red spice up the cottage garden

  • Keep using old garden accessories and don’t let their presence bother you

There are often old garden accessories in cottage gardens. Weathered wooden fences, arbors and gates are at home here and prove how they have survived good and bad times.

Bauerngarten gestalten praktische Tipps

Design cottage gardens practical tips old climbing frame – beautiful rose bush

  • Cobblestone garden paths and winding paths

Slightly winding paths look much better in a cottage garden than those that follow a straight, textured line. Many paving materials work well for the cottage gardens, including wood chips, stones, old bricks, and floor tiles.

Bauerngarten gestalten Gartenwege

Slightly winding garden paths and paths are typical in the cottage garden

Vintage garden accessories are a must in every cottage garden. The older the better! Decorate your cottage garden with vintage pieces and keep the natural garden look. You can find such vintage garden accessories in the basement or buy them at the flea market. An old, much used watering can or a ladder with its paint partially peeled off can only enhance the charm of your cottage garden and emphasize the real garden look.

Bauerngarten gestalten das natürliche Bild

Old vintage garden accessories are present in the cottage garden

  • A suitable place for your hobby

The following rule applies in the cottage garden: You are free to design the garden landscape according to your own ideas and preferences. Don’t be tempted to follow certain rules. Create a cozy place for your hobby, for example an old garden shed would be perfect for this purpose. Enjoy your free time and the opportunity to casually do anything in the garden.


Design your garden landscape according to your wishes and ideas

  • A cozy and inviting seating area completes the cottage garden

You cannot lack comfort in the cottage garden. Here you need a small, preferably round table and three or four chairs and your seating area is ready! Here you can receive friends and acquaintances, drink coffee or tea together and chat about the beauty and natural charm of the farm garden!

Bauerngarten pflanzen

A sitting area tempts you to enjoy pleasant coffee hours outside

Bauerngarten gestalten alter Türgriff wieder in Gebrauch

An old door handle can be used again

Bauerngarten gestalten weiß

A wooden fence painted white adorns the cottage garden, as it is there that blooming perennial garden flowers usually grow

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