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A dreamy country house invites you to escape to the countryside

Do you like wood and stone in the interior, as well as pure nature and tranquility? Then take a look at this wonderful country house. It is designed in a country house style with modern accents and creates a positive and cozy atmosphere. Isn’t it the right time for you to escape the city? Read the practical tips for successfully designing a contemporary country house and get inspiration for a new way of life.

Do without the curtains

Country style entrance area upholstered bench wool blanket

The inviting entrance area is a must for every home

Block the magnificent viewsn with curtains and drapes no more. Let the daylight illuminate the rooms undisturbed. If the windows are very close to the neighboring house, use fine linen curtains to keep your privacy.

A nice dining table instead of a kitchen island

Kitchen Green White Country Style Retro Stool

The color concept of glue and white, combined with wood nuances, has a very positive and cheerful effect

This kitchen has enough kitchen cabinets that offer plenty of storage space. Instead of the traditional Kitchen island is a 90 cm high table with bar stools in the middle of the room. It is the ideal meeting place for the family for a light snack or for preparing dishes for dinner.

Textures from nature

Country style living room table top glass fireplace

The open floor plan on the first floor creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere

Typical for the country style textures are the natural materials such as wood, stones and leather. Look around, they are everywhere – cladding, ceiling, furniture, decoration, etc.

The stool replaces the traditional bedside table

Bedroom headboard in turquoise upholstered country style

Freshen up the atmosphere in your bedroom with wild flowers on the bedside table

The wooden stool is a great option to replace traditional bedside table in bedroom. This solution is entirely in the country house style. Complement the romantic atmosphere with a padded headboard and fresh field flowers every day.

Cozy corner for two

Country style armchair Camel Genuine leather floor lamp

Create a quiet corner in your house where you can enjoy your favorite reading

Create a quiet place with comfortable armchairs where you can chat and relax with your partner or best friend. A lonely corner in the house would be ideal for this.

Retro tiles in the bathroom

Country style toilet patterned floor tiles

Simple, country-style toilet in white

The bathroom in the Land houses is very often not very large. The smaller area allows you to bravely experiment with design without large investments. We recommend that you use great retro tiles in the bathroom. Choose from numerous tile designs and add a romantic retro accent to your bathroom.

Large painting as a strong accent in the dining room

Dining room wooden furniture country style wall covering painting

Fascinate your guests with a strong can of art

A large painting will be a great eye catcher in the dining room. Hang the artwork at eye level while sitting. So leave your Gthe ideal opportunity to enjoy the feat.

The facade bears the romance of old times

Country style dark red facade wall cladding wood

The dark wood paneling of the house emphasizes the charm of the white retro entrance door

This house was in Built in 1930 and despite the renovation work, it has the romance of old times. The attractive wall cladding made of wood, combined with the old entrance door, creates a charming atmosphere in the outdoor area.

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