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A few great decoration ideas with hearts for your home

If you read decorating ideas with hearts, you will certainly immediately think of the festival of love, February 14th. Yes, and rightly so! Because on the day of the lovers you express your feelings very openly. But why should you wait for Valentine’s Day? Now say what is on your mind and give your partner or another loved one a lot of joy! Make your own special decoration with hearts for your home and surprise your loved ones!

wall decoration

This wooden heart as a wall decoration says more than a thousand words

embroidery frame wall decoration

Embroider your favorite heart-shaped motifs on the embroidery frame and lovingly show great feelings!

The decoration ideas with hearts have become very popular in the last decade. We can put it like this in a nutshell: Hearts conquer home design! You can see the loving motifs in different shapes and colors, as a table decoration or hanging on the wall, made of wood or fabric, made of sisal or yarn, the hearts bring a distinctive touch of romance directly into your four walls! The decoration with hearts is versatile and can decorate your home for a special family celebration!


The rotor spirals, which hang from the ceiling and are playfully turned by the draft, are very popular as decoration

heart spiral decoration ideas

A heart spiral would fill every room with a lot of love

If you want to pleasantly surprise a loved one, you could try making your own heart decoration yourself. How do you come up with the idea for a macrame? This technique from the Orient helps us to create something special for the home and to express strong feelings. The heart-shaped macrame is a good gift idea for Mother’s Day, don’t you think? With this you are telling your mother that you love her with all your heart!
Keep browsing our small photo gallery and collect more ideas for your loving decoration at home!


A heart-shaped macrame is a clear message of love. With this you are indirectly telling your mother that you love her warmly and that you are happy that she exists!

heart wall decoration

Three hearts made of sisal, skilfully arranged and color-coordinated, are a trendy wall decoration


Embroider a pillowcase with a red heart and decorate your apartment for Valentine’s Day or any other very personal occasion


Wonderful decoration for Valentine’s Day that attracts everyone’s attention


You can give free rein to your creativity and make eye-catching decorations with hearts yourself. You can use it to decorate your apartment to match a certain festival


This message of love is a pleasure for the eyes and soul

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