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A modern HPL garden house is a practical addition to any outdoor area

This year’s summer season is coming to an end soon. But that doesn’t mean that gardening will stop there. But on the contrary. There is still a lot to do in every garden. There is still a lot of time until the first frost that can be used for various tasks and activities outdoors. One of the most important questions at the end of the gardening season is always related to the storage of gardening tools and outdoor furniture, the wintering of the potted plants and the storage of seeds, tubers and the like. Every gardener needs enough space for this, where optimal light and temperature conditions are available all year round. If you are missing winter storage, then it is time to get a modern HPL garden shed. For example, HPL Trespa garden houses are recommended because they are robust, weather-resistant and easy to care for. It is always worthwhile to find out more!

A HPL garden shed is a necessary and particularly practical addition to any outdoor area.

Modernes HPL Gartenhaus clevere Aufbewahrung Rader Gartengerate Werkzeug

How does a modern HPL garden house score?

Modern garden houses come in different designs and colors, they are made from different materials, which is why they are assigned different functions. For example, they can also be used as cozy places in the garden to read and relax. There are also very elegant garden houses on the market that function as cozy home offices or yoga gardens. A modern HPL garden house, on the other hand, serves very practical purposes. In the following we want to summarize its main advantages.

  • A HPL garden house is robust and durable

The HPL Trespa garden houses are robust and can withstand all weather conditions typical for Germany. Neither heavy rain nor blazing sun nor heavy snowfall can leave any traces on their construction. The houses are made of weather-resistant plastic sheets and therefore defy good and bad weather just as well. The high quality of the production materials used makes them durable and reliable.

HPL Trespa garden houses are made of high quality materials and are extremely durable and reliable.

Modernes HPL Trespa Gartenhaus aus hochwertigen Materialien hergestellt enorm langlebig und zuverlassig

  • Modern HPL garden houses have a simple design

The HPL garden houses are characterized by their simple design, which is mainly based on straight lines. However, the sizes of the models can vary. Numerous garden owners who want to buy a modern HPL garden house usually choose from the three popular colors: white, anthracite and silver gray. These muted colors make the garden houses look stylish and very elegant.

  • Every HPL garden house is characterized by its enormous ease of care

The surfaces of the HPL garden houses, both indoors and outdoors, are hard enough to be scratch and shock resistant. The care and maintenance of the houses is reduced to a minimum.

These HPL houses are designed in two colors.

Modernes HPL Gartenhaus Dou Colour Farbgestaltung Beispiel in Weis mit schwarzen Fensterrahmen

  • HPL Trespa garden houses are easy and quick to assemble

If you think that building a modern HPL garden house takes a lot of time and effort, then you are wrong! Because you do not need any prior technical knowledge for the construction. Each house consists of a sturdy wooden stand construction. The corner and element connections fit together perfectly and with little manual skill your HPL garden shed is ready in a short time!

The construction of an HPL garden house does not require a lot of time

Modernes HPL Gartenhaus leichter Aufbau verlangt wenig Zeit und Muhe

Is an individual, made-to-measure HPL garden house possible?

There is a wide selection of modern, high-quality HPL garden houses in various designs, sizes and colors. Many garden owners often find it difficult to choose the right HPL house for their garden area. Many manufacturers try to meet all individual wishes and ideas and offer garden houses made to measure. Because every gardener has his own ideas about which garden house fits best into his garden. For a personal garden house design you have to specify your own wishes for wall thickness, wall height, window size and wooden floor. Small change requests such as the color of the door, a different wall thickness or a different roof shape are also taken into account.

As you can see, today it is not a problem to acquire a garden shed according to your own wishes and ideas. However, a good contact person is an important prerequisite.

Modernes HPL Gartenhaus Glasbereich vorne individuelle Gestaltung ebenfalls moglich

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