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A real estate project in Hanover? Yes, but with the right contact person!

Despite the ongoing Corona crisis, the real estate market remains intensive and stable nationwide. Apartments, houses and offices are being sold, bought and rented as always. Digitization in our modern everyday life helps a lot, because good real estate deals can now be prepared online to a large extent. If you have some personal experience in selling real estate, you will know how complicated the whole process is. In order to get a real estate business off the ground and then close it successfully and safely, every interested party needs a good contact person by their side. For example, if you want to sell private property in Hanover, you can do so with the full support of a city real estate agent. Or are you interested in another real estate project in Hanover? In the following we report why the big city in the country is so attractive for numerous customers and what else you should know about selling a property in Hanover.

Planning a real estate project in Hanover? Yes, you are in the right place!

Immobilienprojekt in Hannover Blick von oben auf die Stadtmitte Stadtpanorama

Anyone interested in a real estate project in Hanover has definitely come to the right place! Because in a moment we will report what makes today’s capital of the state of Lower Saxony a magnet for many German and foreign guests. Regardless of whether you live in Hanover all the time, want to go on vacation or just want to invest money here, the city has something special to offer for everyone. Here is the most important information about Hanover, its attractions and sights at a glance:

The main train station in Hanover looks imposing and inviting at the same time.

Immobilienprojekt in Hannover der Bahnhof imposant und einladend zugleich

Rich history: The city looks back on a long history. Hanover was granted city rights as early as 1241. It lies at the crossroads of important trade routes and transport routes that connect east and west, north and south. Numerous old buildings, including the market church and the old town hall, as well as the historical museum today tell of the eventful past of the city. Take a stroll through the idyllic alleys of the old town, then discover the unique charm of the historic half-timbered facades and the small, cozy cafes in Hanover.

Anyone planning a real estate project in Hanover must first find out more about the city.

Immobilienprojekt in Hannover Fachwerkfassaden der Häuser in der Altstadt

The old charm of Hanover can be felt in its narrow streets and cozy cafés.

Immobilienprojekt in Hannover in der Altstadt enge Gassen gemütliche Cafés

  • A modern city: Today Hanover is developing as a modern dynamic city. With over half a million inhabitants, it is one of the most populous cities in Germany. There is a lively city life in Hanover, which also makes the place very attractive. Not only does the well-known Hanover Fair take place here, but also various cultural and sporting events. Music, fine arts and architecture are very well represented. The city has a well-developed and organized infrastructure, which also adds a lot to its appeal.

Today Hanover is divided into 13 boroughs.

Immobilienprojekt in Hannover in 13 Stadtbezirke eingeteilt Panoramablick

  • Hannover is called the city in the green: Hannover is rightly called the green city. With its parks, urban forests and local recreation areas, it is as if embedded in green. At the Maschsee and Steinhuder Meer, surfers, sailors and swimmers get their money’s worth. Nature lovers like to visit the Herrenhausen Gardens, where they can feel nature up close. Today, the Great Garden is a real magnet for visitors and one of the attractions of Hanover.

The Great Garden and Herrenhausen Palace cast a spell over locals and city guests.

Immobilienprojekt in Hannover der Große Garten Schloss Herrenhausen Besuchermagnet

  • How can you handle a real estate project in Hanover quickly, successfully and securely?

Real estate sellers watch out! All of the impressive sides of the city mentioned above can also be turned into your plus point when planning a real estate project in Hanover. These can be skilfully integrated into your purchase offer and make it even more tempting. Depending on where exactly, ie in which part of the city, your property is located, one or the other of the city’s attractions can attract the interest of potential buyers. You, the buyer, could do this on your own, but we definitely advise against it. You need a trustworthy contact person. For example, the experienced city real estate agents in Hanover have extensive regional knowledge. In this way, you can incorporate the city’s attractive features in an exposé and present your real estate project in Hanover to a larger target group.

Rely on the experts when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Hanover.

Immobilienprojekt in Hannover kaufen und verkaufen mit einem vertrauensvollen Immobilienmakler

They are ready to serve you well.

Immobilienprojekt in Hannover Immobilienmakler Kunden Dokumente vorbereiten überprüfen

But that’s not all. Your real estate agent will select the best sales strategy for your real estate project in Hanover and organize all the necessary sales documents for you. This will put you under a lot of stress. Saved time and nerves. You also get a professional property valuation, which is also an important part of any real estate project. Your property will be marketed professionally, without any risk or error. You can fully rely on the many years of professional experience and the customer-friendly service of the real estate experts. You can contact them at any time by phone, email or directly in the office and find out about the details of your property sale. You will then find the contact information and address details of the City Real Estate Agents in Hanover.

City Immobilienmakler GmbH

Sokelantstrasse 5

30165 Hanover


+49 511 95 73 33 36


With this good partner at your side, you can certainly handle your real estate project in Hanover successfully and safely!

You can be sure of your sales success!

Immobilienprojekt in Hannover Immobilienmakler Schritt für Schritt zum Verkaufserfolg

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